Beating Off 2.0




I want to know who is willing to pay R27mil for a house


That’s not really my style…but I would. Can’t because of obvious reasons, but if I could, I would.


There was a house in Cape Town that supposedly sold for R290 million a couple years back


What scares me is that this house is about 2 blocks away from my office, most houses in this area goes for between 3 and 10mil as it is.

All that goes thru my head is maintenance and cleaning

That was seapoint I think, that area is beyond stupid (Bantry Bay apparently -


that is so wrong… it looks like that was the main aim of the encounter… :worried:


yep that is what I saw as well :frowning:


Well by that logic, we’re also paying for the untolled portions of your national roads :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t make me break out the “contribution to the economy” argument!


Oy we know Cape Town and the western cape is not part of SA :stuck_out_tongue:

Its frustrating tho, I have been contacted by 3 companies outside of cape town with job offers, but I can’t see myself living in the places.


The Dark Secrets That Dolphins Don’t Want You to Know

It never fails. Every single cocktail party, as soon as someone finds out that I’m a graduate student studying marine biology, they ask, “So, do you get to play with dolphins?” Since my heart is as black and cold as the oceanic abyss, I usually take this opportunity to disillusion yet another poor soul of their childhood fantasy of Mystical Dolphin Love .


That place looks like a guest house. Does the price include the furniture?


Nope not that I can see. I have this weird habit when I get bored at work I look at properties that I will never afford.

Its always interesting to see how people’s tastes differ in interior decor

There is one house I would buy in a heart beat if I could afford it just for the stove


Just found out someone bought a apartment for 22million and I was like what could I do if I had that kind of money.


hahaha i do it too!


Have you all seen this trashtag thing going on?

When ever i see something like this I think of what Metal soup said in the pay it forward thread.


Morning all


Morning everyone.

Die hoogste bome en struike en bome algemene opknap van tuine en tossels kontakdetails Dennehof Karoo gastehuis is geleë in die fliek was baie lekker gekuier het jy geweet op hierdie stadium is daar genoeg koffie om te recover from the date.

That is what happens if I just press the next predictive word my keyboard thinks I’m going to type.


Thought you hit your head there for a second…



@DieGrootHammer jy gebruik darem maar baie groot afrikaanse woorde daar


Morning people of the palace

This morning was chaos at home - they are drilling a borehole across the street from us - right in front of our house - no parking and no space to reverse out since the trucks are in front of our driveway.

Then the house on the street facing our street is always busy being used for movies/adverts. They are shooting a Kia advert there today - they are taking what is left over in the street.

took me 10mins just to get out of my driveway!