Beating Off 2.0



Morning folks. The intern is a bit of a bit of a joke about the differences between the two we are expecting to see you last night and then you are going to be a bit of a mess and you can’t get a lot of dollahs from the rest of the world and you can try to fight stun and I are going to be a bit of a good amount of the game.

I seem to say “bit of a” a bit too much :grin:.

Also: “dollahs”??? Where does that come from?


I have attached my resume for your reference and hope to hear from you soon as I am currently working on the anti poaching units and I have to admit that I have not been able to do the work I have been doing since the last time I have been working with the company I have been working on the anti poaching units and who trains the dogs for the last few days of the week and the rest of the week is fine and I have to admit that I have not been able to get the pool cover off the ground floor and the other one is humming the Tetris of the roof


Hello jy. Ek is bly jy het lekker geslaap en die werk van die volgende stellings is korrek up and down and down and down the road to the recipient of the following statements is a bit confusing to me as well as the payments that had been made so far and I have a day shift on 30th November and the last one is the signed contract which is in the post today so I’ll have to wait until the end of the month to get back to you sooner rather than later


Is down for you guys as well? Also :thinking:


nope. working fine on this end


Just for you


Working fine. Ironman redirects to


The weird bit is I can’t remember the last time I used most of those words in a sentence - weird swiftkey weird


mine is even weirder:

Ek het a paar van die in the morning and the morning of the morning of them and the police will be going with someone else to help me out with the surgery on Thursday and then i fell asleep on the way back from Vodacom


Company conference week. Lots of sitting and listening with a half hour for me to say my piece. I actually love doing them, it is a week where I do not have to cook, wash dishes, clean, wake anyone up with breakfast etc etc.

A working holiday :wink:

Downside is that I am missing the release of Division 2.


Slow day today


ooh my movie is coming out soon!!!


This auto type thing seems fun, so here goes!

Looking forward to seeing you here at the weekend and maybe go for a joyride in the morning and need a little help from you guys for the street carols next week for the rest of the day and I hope you are well and that you are registered for the business course on 30 June at The New Harvest Christian Fellowship at 23 During Road to the year but I will be there by 8 and will be able to get it with my eBucks from Takealot and then to the airport to get the kids back from the beach and then go to the family dinner.

:rofl: :rofl:

I can understand the business course part, I replied to each registration with those exact words when we were running the course to help low income entrepreneurs.


So, @Cape_Town_People:

We’re making a sudden move for a fairly short period of time to Cape Town. We’ll be staying for 3 months and month-to-month rentals are either insanely expensive or very hard to come by. Most places are 6 months or more. We managed to find a couple of rentals that fit the bill, but they’re mostly in the Big Bay area. One of the places we’re interested in is an apartment in Grande Bay. Any comments on the safety of the area, considering we’re moving with 7 month old baby and 60+ mother-in-law in tow?

Also, how will the commute be to the Belville area, specifically the office park next to the Protea Hotel in Jip De Jager? Google Maps seems to recommend the back routes through Durbanville and (during peak traffic) says it’ll be around 30 minutes drive. Can I trust it, seeing as how crazy Cape Town traffic is?


Which area are you looking at? How many rooms? I can ask my soon to be SIL to check for you closer to the area (aka literally around the corner from me LOL) and back routes are to be trusted - its how we do it. YOu avoid the N1 like the plague :smiley:


Hello Mewbs,

New doc and new meds.
When i walked out of his rooms at 9.30am he said it was too late to take my concerta. What does he know.
Jumped into bed at 8.30 with a book and since then ive cleaned out the landing, sold some pellets, a knife, and an air rifle online. Bought a pair of sennies and 10kg rump steak with the profits.
Just finished boxing it all up for dad to drop off in pietermaritzburg tomorrow.
Now im having a cup of tea and a vape.
Insomnia my a$$ doc. I feel great


Morning all


You’ll move there permanently, just you wait


Is AMD launching a new processor? Only reason I’m asking is because the rabid fanboys have appeared again.


If you are looking at the Big Bay area, you will be against the traffic most of the time. Most traffic are flowing from the suburbs into town. you are going from town to the suburbs. So both ways will be against the traffic. You might have a little bit coming in from big bay until you get to the back roads. And the back roads through Durbanville is a great drive and beautiful to boot.