Beating Off 2.0



Morning guys.
My internet is still acting up. Can’t even log into my router



How did you break it


I didn’t break it! It just started doing this on its own

So far everything else is working. Only those 2 websites and my router’s page


You broke it!

I honestly have no idea what you did to it tho,

Morning people of the palace

weird anxiety attack at about 4am for some reason, not fun, but the first one since I started the new meds and its already a lot better.
The THC caps I can say is working like a dream, I have taken them at about 10:30 to 11pm at night and when I turn off the lights at 12 I turn on my side and sleep.


It’s working on my phone (over Wi-Fi), but not on any of the browsers on my pc…


Have you done the obvious spybot and adware?


The what??



Morning everyone.


Don’t forget about HijackThis and CCleaner (


greetings !

so my airbag cover took only 5 days to get from china to jhb international but its probably gonna take 2 months to get from there to cape mail


IF you ever get it


i always try to me partially optimistic when dealing with sapo


I have issues with CCcleaner - it has fooked up a few things for me


Odd, never had any issue with CCleaner.

Do you check what it’s doing BEFORE letting it do whatever it proposes? Letting it do whatever is generally the root cause of issues


My boss let his kids do that to his laptop (I hope it was his kids and not him) He then complains that his PC doesn’t function correctly. Broken files associations etc…


Well, why does the boss have admin rights on his PC; Secondly why does he let non-employees do ANYTHING on company property?


Nope I never let any app do just everything it wants
I just never had good experiences with it.


We were looking at 2-3 bedrooms, with 2 bedrooms being a bare minimum. We actually wound up getting a good place in Big Bay, in the Grande Bay complex. We also have an option of the penthouse suite (!!!) in Seaside Village, which is built directly on top of the mall there. My parents are going to have a look later this afternoon and will give us feedback.

Nah, still have too many irons in the Gauteng fire, so to speak. As nice as Cape Town is, I doubt I’ll move there in the next couple of years. By then our Ireland or (as of Monday) US offices might be closer to reality, which will obviously gain preference above Cape Town.

Thanks man, this is the same feedback I got from a friend staying in Gordon’s Bay. Apparently it’s fairly safe and secure in the Big Bay area as well, so we’re looking forward to it. We know the surrounding area quite well, as we vacationed in Blouberg quite often and my parents stayed in Darling for 3 years. So we traveled up and down the West Coast road quite often. They moved to Kleinmond this year, so now I’ll get a feel for that side of the coast as well.


But now we will have to have a capie braai whilst you are here