Beating Off 2.0



Aweh, sal 'n plan maak ja.


I call dibs on Ireland


With Brexit coming up you’ll just be a filthy non-EU peasant.


Hence Ireland


how i feel today



Same. Having a bad day.


maybe a router joke will cheer you up :rofl:


I scored a box of pomegranates yesterday - I feel like one now - have eaten 3 already and snacking on one for lunch


3 full pomegranates or only 3 seeds? I love pomegranate seeds in salad… They add a sweet, crunchiness to any salad.


3 full poms, Its a fruit I didnt know as I grew up, so I love the crunch and sweet and slightly tartness

And I have perfected the opening and deseeding of said fruit with minimum hassle


It’s working now. I did some administrator cmd dark magic stuffs.


article no. 120 is done :open_mouth:


Its a good feeling hey


funnily i dont remember writing 120 articles, feels like 30 or 40 lol


Well you beat me by at least a 100

Also do me a favour and resize the image if you can - her head is chopped off!


Fixed ! :wink:


Awesome! I am just 90 posts behind you


Phew it was a hard day. I hope the rest of you had a good day.


Im glad you survived, mine was good, went downhill fast, really dont wanna go home tonight but oh well


Morning all