Behind the Curve



Behind the Curve is the documentary from Flat-earthers which is streaming on Netflix now. The documentary looks into the community of theorists who believe the Earth is flat and explores what it is like for them to live in a society which rejects their claims.

I was absolutely amazed after i watched it. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet i highly recommend it.


It was amazing. I still do not know if these people are just part of one massive troll on the world or if they actually believe this shit. I think it was explained well in the documentary. These people went all in and alienated the people around them while doing all this crazy shit and now they are too far in to let it go.

But the ending was pure class.


Logan Paul was also making a flat earth documentary.


That was the best part :laughing:


I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a massive troll


Am I the only one that doesn’t want to watch it, in case they convince me??


Well they do have members all around the globe…


i think you should be fine.


I have zero fear of that. I’m just concerned it’s going to put me in a Hulk rage that no amount of “the sun’s hanging real low” will get me out of.


the rage quickly passes into bafflement and then its just funny.


I just wanna watch this for the laugh


Wahaha :joy: I see what you did there.


I saw it was available on Netflix, but for some reason I thought it was a documentary about why the Earth is flat. So I ignored it. But on this premise I’ll definitely give it a watch.


I am about 30mins into the show.


The only relevent part is in the last 2 min of it.


I’m not sure I have the desire to watch a whole documentary on the subject. I did watch hbomberguy’s video on the subject a while back. He has some other, quality vids too:


Thanks, that was an amusing 22 minutes.


I didnt make it to the end of the show


Well just load it back up and skip to the last two min