Benchmarks on GPU's 1% Lows

So I have been watching a few smaller Tech Youtubers lately, and noticed a different standard on measuring FPS, where they use AVG, 1% Lows and 0.1% Lows after looking into how and why I think its far better methodology, this might not be new news to some of you but it was to me.

Here is a link that can explain it far better than I can


Oh yes, this has been around on all major benchmarks site I normally visit for some time now. It took the industry a while to realize that a good average framerate doesn’t tell the whole story.

I must have missed it somewhere, have not really been focused on GPU benchmarks since the shortage and nothing news has been out for a while, CPU benchmarks is where it been at :sunglasses:

Ideally, you should see it for both CPU and GPU benches, especially when they are testing gaming performance. Both the Steves (Games Nexus and Hardware Unboxed / Techspot) who are among my favourite reviewers, have been using this approach for a while. With CPU benches for example, you can clearly see where certain CPU’s are bottlenecking on the 1% or 0.1% lows, causing stuttery gameplay, even though the average fps looks good.