Best Gamer on Youtube (my opinion)

Id like to bring your attention to possibly one of the best gamers.

No annoying loudmouth screaming fumbling through a game like its their first time.

They do what most youtube gamers, streamers should do. Practice your damn game.


The only thing is that it is awesome to watch with quick vids and snippets. But watching a stream for 2+ hours… The streamer has to be a good gamer as well as an entertainer. That is why I tend to watch Dr Disrespect and get quite bored of Ninja. I have no idea why Ninja has so many viewers though O_o

But in essence streaming is for entertainment, from the game as well as the streamer.

For me it varies between looking for someone that is good at a game or something figuring it out for the first time. I enjoy both scenarios.

This is where I love omhwreckers streams its entertaining and he is dam good.

Nice, when I saw the title I thought I would mention StealthGamerBR in the thread, nice to see it is actually about him. I love his Dishonored videos.

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