Big Most Epic Win forum update

I just completed a big upgrade of the forum, including an upgrade of the underlying operating system of our server.

Here are some of the highlights from the most recent Discourse patch notes:

Social logins

One of the items on the roadmap for 2.1 is improving the handling of social logins. Listing connections is supported for all built-in auth providers.

Revoke and reconnect is currently only implemented for Facebook, Google, Instagram, GitHub, Yahoo, and Twitter.

Selectable avatars

Navigate to first post

Bumping topics automatically

Reply to topics without bumping them (for mods)

Two-factor authentication backup codes

Trust Level 1 welcome message

By default all users promoted to TL1 will receive a Welcome TL1 User message. It is a way to interact with new users and encourage them to participate actively in the activities of the site, opening new topics and filling out their user profile. You can deactivate the site setting send tl1 welcome message as well as customize the message sent through /admin/customize/site_texts

Jump to a post by date

The “jump to” modal (accessible through # shortcut on a topic) has been improved with dates. From now on, just enter the date you want to go to jump to the closest post.

New colour schemes

After the closure of our first theme contest , we have re-structured part of the initial wizard to make room for new themes and allow everyone to choose between various themes, not just light and dark. Try the new themes available by re-running the wizard! :mage:♂️


Automatically expire unused API keys

For enhanced security, Discourse will automatically expire API keys that have not been used for long periods of time. Search for expire_user_api_keys_days in your admin console.

Emoji 11.0


There have been several improvements to the admin and moderation dashboards, with some extra stats and graphs just for @DieGrootHammer.

Much more

There were a tonne more updates and fixes. You can check out the Discourse release-notes tag on their official meta forums if you’re interested in getting all the details:


If you come across any issues after the upgrade, please let me know.


Looks like a good update.

Everything seems to be working well.

No issues here. How do we go about getting those different themes? I mean, who wouldn’t want this:



It looks like I might have to re-run the setup wizard for every theme… very strange.

If folks really want this, I’ll look into testing it and rolling it out.

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I dont think we need the themes :stuck_out_tongue: Black and white is good.

There is not enough eye bleach on the planet to save my eyes from that other post

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Yeah Black and White is more than fine.

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C’mon, live a little!

Well okay, maybe we can consider #0FFF00

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