Black Friday 2018 Wishlist


Im gonna keep an eye out for an SSD at least and another HDD. Also Forsaken sale


Monster hunter world 75% off on steam. I can dream.

  • PS4 Pro 1TB Marvel’s Spider-Man Bundle
  • 43" 4K TV for the man cave


only thing on my wishlist is Forsaken


Looking at new PC parts mainly


I’d like to get a cheap SSD for my wife’s PC

Would love to get a new monitor but with finances as they are that’s not going to happen. A man can dream though, dreams of 144Hz… 1440p… Freesync… 27"…


I wish I could give you my copy, I really don’t get that game.


I hear you! I want the exact same but G-Sync… I have a few online stores with monitor wishlists, hoping I get notified of sales. I can dream too, right?


2 seater lazy boy
RAM and MB
40" UHD TV

Might end up buying nothing though.


I see Destiny 2 got everyone hooked and wishing for The Forsaken… Well done!


Phone (Mainly mins/data)


Volvo XC60. Wait, there’s a deal on it as we speak… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


More than likely a keyboard or mouse, I have a couple on a wish list going for a good price but never hurts to wait a little.




Waiting for “Cyber Monday” then?


@Shrike how about 29% off


Jip. 10 chars


Unfortunately 29% off that insane price is still out of my ballpark. 75% is all I am willing to pay.