Black Friday Deals

Hello julle!

I noticed Black Friday deals are already advertised. Maybe it has become Black Month already!

Since I am in the market for a new monitor, I will be keeping a close eye on all the specials as they are advertised. Please drop a link to any deals you find and share with the rest of us, especially those of us with CUD.



If there are some good GPU or SSD prices I might pull the trigger and buy.

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My black Friday wish list :

Get on it @RebelTech :stuck_out_tongue:


Sony has started their Black Friday sale early…
Playstation Store
I only buy their exclusives, and God of War is looking pretty good right now at R470

Amazon also started early!

I’m hoping for some kind of special on Red Dead Redemption 2.

find deals here

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Thanks Mk786!

IIRC that armor cooler is the worst of the lot, maybe look into getting another style ti?

I’m looking out for headphones (Closed back, noise cancelling), mouse (Rival 600), xbox one controller (Either v2 or elite) and maybe a phone. If anyone sees deals on these drop me a pm! :smiley:

Looks cool to me, plus i don’t really have money to pick and choose, will see what the prices are when they go on special

I meant it’s a poor cooler, i’m not sure if you read up on it so here have a look:

I have that exact card, but not having anything to compare it against I think it is amazing!

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GOG just started theirs

Steam Autumn Sale is live

Also this is a really good site to check if it’s really a good deal - made by a carb user


I wonder if it is a good thing or bad thing that my salary cleared into my account today…


For everyone who’s ready to spend lots of money tomorrow for Black Friday, don’t forget Cyber Monday.


Luckily I have only 2 things I want - forsaken and a humidifier - so it will be easy to be good


I need to upgrade my PC so I’m trying to find good prices for the things i need. As long as i don’t go over my budget :smiley:


I wanted to buy a PS4 which was on special for like R2000 off, but Makro’s stupid site doesn’t allow for paying partially with eBucks and Rands like other sites. So I guess I’ll keep looking or worst case scenario, I wait another month for my new ebucks to arrive and then just buy it at normal price.

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The black friday deal I’d like is the banks to offer 50% off on car finance settlement amounts