Blizzard is now turning into a Meme


Not if it’s a feature phone… Which I believe is what he has if memory served me right.



I would rather play that, than the mobile game


Just try “Crusaders of Light” and see, if you like it then probably the Diablo Immortal won’t be that bad for you…


Im not really a mobile gamer, so i will pass, i don’t really care about the hole diablo immartal thing, since it doesn’t really effect me. But if they were able to come up with some kind of diablo tabletop game, then yeah i would play that.


Hey, I actually like my Mass Effect Monopoly…


Talk about bandwagon, NCSOFT are turning “V2” of current MMOs into mobile as well, calling them Aion 2 and Blade and soul 2, when they are really only mobile versions.

Is this some kind of conspiracy to push the market into the mobile scene and to force people to buy devices that can play these games?



Naa, mobile has been the sleeping giant. Every single developer and publisher wants a piece of that pie.



I don’t care if it had kittens, phones cannot replace PC gaming currently.



Agreed, but it’s not about replacing it’s about reaching a $70+Bn market which is approximately what mobile developers/publishers have made in 2018. To put that into perspective, PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) gaming only managed $28.6 Billion with consoles bagging $34.6Bn.


Some numbers, as these are subject to change on a pretty much monthly basis


I think this needs to be almost a separate post, as there is way too much to take from these numbers but that are not relevant to the topic at hand. Love the graphs and stats though. I’ve been searching for something similar for a while


True, but sadly these numbers show EXACTLY what publishers are pushing for and that is “a mobile game that appeals to Chinese (and Asian) as well as American Audiences”


South Africa doesnt count as MEA? Or is our market share so small as to not be worth including?


We do but it’s so insignificant on the global stage that it doesn’t warrant listing on the graph it seems.


We’re tiny compared to the rest of MEA. SA’s spend was $129M during the same period. Which places SA 56th in the world.

Interestingly enough, this is behind Algeria (54th - $142m), Nigeria (45th - $180m) and Egypt (37th - $286m).

Which puts us well in 10th place on the MEA list.


Wow ok. Bit depressing that


^ That