Blizzard is now turning into a Meme


Thanks to their wonderful Diablo Immortal announcement:

The one that started it all!


I’m pretty sad as they are one of my favorite developers


They’re one of everyone’s favourite developers… Hence the huge backlash on Diablo Immortal.


I really think this guy summed up perfectly how i felt regarding the whole thing:

blizzcon is a US (West), pc-gamer heavy focused event. why think ppl are gonna be happy with this kind of announcement here of all places?

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Fixed! Thanks, weirdly, it WAS on its own line on my smaller edit, but wasnt like “pressed enter” new line, so I overlooked that :smiley:


I don’t know how to get the images out of twitter so here you go.

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Depending on the browser you might just be able to click and drag from Twitter to the forum.


Oh LOL, Blizzard f*cked up!

Sorry, I normally don’t curse and I cannot say I have played more than 10 minutes of the original, but they f’ed up very VERY bad with this.

Watched the Boogieman video entirely, he makes some valid points.



This guy is right on the money. It was a PR mess start to finish, especially the you do all own phones backchat - that idiot needs to be locked in a room and forced to watch telly tubbies on repeat.


I’m watching and rewatching the whole Q&A to try and do a “post hot-take” article.

Everyone seems to be reporting on (and meme-ing) two clips from the “What’s Next” panel, and even from just that there’s a lot to digest here, I think.

Hopefully ya’ll think it’s interesting too and my effort is worth it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for doing that - Im still too pissed to even attempt an article! :S


I agree that Blizzard messed up this announcement quite badly and it was definitely a huge disappointment.

That being said, I’m actually looking forward to trying out the mobile game. I still remember when Diablo 3 came out, I was one of the few people that actually didn’t hate it at launch, and any time I wasn’t able to be near my PC I wished I could play something similar on my phone. I just hope the micro transactions don’t make it impossible to play without spending money. I’ll gladly pay for a version with no micro transactions as well.


“Do you guys not have phones?”

Such a knee-jerk reaction to real-time backlash.

Imagine Rockstar was to announce GTA 6 for iOS and Android? :rofl:


Well not the kind of phone to play games on.


I have a phone. The preorder thing on google play says its not good enough.

Guess I won’t be playing this game then


You can already, just get “Crusaders of Light” it’s the same game, just a different name and assets.


A phone at least 5 years old should be able to run games, modestly.


No thanks, that looks nothing like Diablo. More like WoW maybe.