Bloodborne 2 (and more) Potentially Leaked by Amazon Italy

Amazon Italy has jumped the gun a bit and put up a listing for Bloodborne 2 as well as Sunset Overdrive 2 and a new Splinter Cell game. While a new Splinter Cell and Sunset Overdrive will both be welcomed with open arms, Bloodborne 2 takes center stage here. The listings have been removed, but here is a screenshot of the Bloodborne 2 listing.

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Highly unlikely rumours, both of these. The Sunset Overdrive developers are the team that is currently working on the Spiderman game for PS4, so I don’t really think they are busy with a new Sunset Overdrive. And FROM Software is knees deep into their new game, so VERY unlikely ready to release a different game so close to the current one’s release.

Valid points, but developers have been known to have multiple teams working on different games at the same time. Like I mentioned in the post, From themselves had the B team develop Dark Souls 2 at the same time the main team was doing Bloodborne. Miyazaki himself was almost certainly busy with Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne and Dark Souls III simultaneously, not to mention that he confirmed the studio is working on three games. Even Insomniac is working on another game along with Spider-man. Yes these are rumours and probably not true, but we can hope and dream. :stuck_out_tongue:

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