Bob The Builder (help my puter is broken) Thread

Think we need a tech assistance thread, if you have issue or need advice lets make this the spot to post it.

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haha. This reminds my.
My media PC which is ancient just went poof.
Not even a sound or anything.

Switched parts, PSU, CPU, RAM, HDD everything and nada. so conclusion was it must be mobo.

Tried to bake it… first time trying it! Was pretty cooled. Covered up most plastic parts with foil.

Forgot about the plastic clamp holding the South bridge heatsink, and that went all wonky. actually looks cool.

Needless to say, pc is still dead. Was fun doing it though =D

Why do people do this without photographic evidence?

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never thought about the whole foil thing, shiny side out I suppose, tempted to try this on my LG the phone is making me rage daily, want to get a new one but waiting for the 1st quarter new ones to come out so I don’t have buyers remorse

Have a photo of this with it in the over, will try post it :slight_smile:

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Too many parts that can melt. Bad idea.

the theory behind it is that it heats up the soldering, and allows it to reseat itself. So if you can take the whole board out of the phone, sure. Try it =D

Here you go.
Giving a new meaning to getting baked.


What wine did you serve that with?

Tassenberg, what else? =D

My brother did a bake on an old GPU once. It was an 8800GTS if memory serves. The card was glitching like crazy and eventually went dead, but the bake actually got it working again! It went poof for the final time not long afterwards, but we at least got a few more usable months out of it.

If the heatsink and fan of a gpu manages to actually burn you finger, would that be considered faulty?

WTF, no wires? What exactly were you touching on these components ?

So I have a problem, I want to add 3 120mm fans to the front of my case. My problem is there is space for the three fans but the the holes on the chassis for the fan going at the bottom are slightly smaller so the screws that came with the fan don’t fit. Should I risk drilling the holes slightly bigger?
Cause I can’t seem to find screws to use…

If you feel confident I would do it.

I don’t feel confident doing that… But I got these plastic screw type things that came with the case, they fit those holes and are long enough to go through the fan. If I ever want to remove that fan those plastic screws will need to be broken…

Don’t just drill is bigger!

Gotta ask a couple of questions first:

  • How thick is the material? In other words, how deep is the hole?
  • What material is it?
  • Do the current holes have screw thread?
  • How much material surrounds the hole? That is, how close is the nearest edge?

Can’t you just use a bolt and nut?

@Avatar and @crzwaco
ok so i sorted it without having to drill the chassis.
had these plastic screw things that fit perfectly and the fan is secure now.

This is what it looks like after installing the fans

and finally its working, however i need a power splitter as my mobo only has to power ports for fans.

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