Bungie becomes master of its own Destiny


The team behind the Destiny franchise, Bungie, joined Activision 8 years ago. Today they announced that this partnership will come to an end, and Bungie will leave the Activision stable.

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I was typing up a similar article and just before I was finished editing I saw this post being made. Haha.

Hopefully this turns out to be some good news in the long run for Destiny fans.


Something that should be an interesting point, but is Destiny then coming to Steam and other services?

BattleNet did confirm they will continue to support them though…


Yeah for now I don’t think will much change on the side of Destiny 2. It will be interesting to see if they decide to do more DLC after the annual pass nonsense and how they will go about handling that.

I think we’ll only see the real changes with Destiny 3, which according to rumours on the interwebs will have a much darker story and be a much more hardcore RPG. I really like the sound of that.


to my knowledge this was a ten year deal

What can only be described as a complete shock, Activision has announced today that it has entered into a 10-year worldwide exclusive distribution deal with former Microsoft partner, Bungie.

so i guess bobby kotick isnt happy with the performance of destiny 2 even though its a game thats in the top 10 NPD charts regularly


This is truly exciting news. I’m sure folks at Bungie are excited and terrified at the same time. I hope this becomes the same kind of story in five years as the one Digital Extremes got to tell about Warframe.


Just as Microsoft buys Obsidian.


they have the money, but i dont think bungie would fit in their current profile of studios, but the rumour of them purchasing ready at dawn on the other hand :sunglasses: