Calculating bearings

Might be a stupid question, but one that always makes me think when I hear it. Whether I’m playing a flight sim, PUBG, etc. You would be playing and another team member would say, “enemy at 219”

From his pov, yes, but from mine, nope. The closer the target, the more off-target you are. Take my example below, the plane can be substituted for a soldier or anything else.

I am missing something? How do you convert, I mean you must have both your position and the person marking the target to get a proper bearing, and to do that while in combat, would take too much time.


Next level stuff. I have never played with anyone that uses bearings to call out targets, and my gamer buddies include former military folk. You might hear the occasional “He’s at your 3’o clock” etc, but for the most part it’s “Look left! No! The OTHER left!!!”


lol, what I mean is, if you look at the image below, some guys who see a target, for example the image below, his is 290. He would say, “I see a noob at 290, just left of the house”

But to me, that will be totally different as I’m not seeing it from his pov.

I might be over thinking it. :laughing:

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lol, yeah, I get that one many times too!! :crazy_face::grin::rofl:


Ah OK, so the game has a nice built-in compass indicator.

Yeah, you’re absolutely right, bearings will be relative in that example. Honestly, with the pace these things are played at and how quickly everyone changes position, there is no substitute for the good old Mk I eyeball and quick reflexes.

I know exactly what you mean. if your squad is sticking together it is no problem. but when part of the group is flanking it is an issue.
Then you use land marks to communicate with the team. A distinct rock, tree or building.
In PUBG there is a very useful Ping function. I bind it to my shoot button. So if I shoot at 180, and my team mate is far on my east, the ping will show up on his compass as 100 for example. With the color I am playing as on the compass.

On games like Squad you use the real map co ordinates. because it is not so quick paced, there is time to regroup, call out co ordinates to squad leaders and then take it from there.

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Oh ya, I had forgotten that PUBG has added the Apex Legends ping system in the game.

Was in quite a while before Apex was ever around. Used it loads when I still played competitive in all the local tourneys

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