Can you enjoy games that you aren't very good at?

Can you be good at being good at nothing? Is that a thing. I think it should be, otherwise im in trouble.

its more like the want to be good at something you want to be good at.

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Here’s a question: is your favourite (preferred) genre of videogames, the type of game you are best at?

In case youre wondering, im starting to question my overall ability.

This is why I tend to avoid games that pits me against other people (though I should try PUBG at some point).

To answer your question: no (kinda).

While my preferred game is “anything with a great story”, my most-played genre has to be action-RPGs with grindy loot mechanics (Borderlands, Diablo, Warframe). Warframe is my current favourite.

However, while I’m a competent FPSer I’m far from the best. I’m also not at a level where I’m creating my own high-performance builds in any of those games, because to get there you have to spend a solid amount of time playing, and studying the mechanics and “theorycrafting”.

I’ve found that the gap between “good” and “among the best” is massive, though.

That was a little rambly… I hope it helps.

(Maybe this should go into a topic on its own.)

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One of my favourite genres is Stealth games, but I’m actually quite terrible at them and save scum the whole time. If a stealth game doesn’t have a quick save/quick load option, I find I don’t enjoy them quite as much.

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Yes you can. Just look at FTL I suck at that game yet have loads of fun with it.

I think yes, you can enjoy games you aren’t very good at. There are many games that offer different experiences that you may not be good at, but still provides a fun time. That’s probably why there are difficulty levels in many games. It gives people the chance to enjoy games that they may not be good at.

Most games I play on a low difficulty level. I don’t like struggling in games, and sometimes I just want to experience the story. But, in games I am good at, I find enjoyment at the higher difficulty spectrum.

Take story based FPS games. They all are played at lowest difficulty, just because I want to enjoy the story or the game world. Racing games, on the other hand, I find I cannot enjoy unless I turn the difficulty right up.

But here’s the other side of the coin, I have stopped playing games because I wasn’t good at them. Games like Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, Spelunky and others I’ve lost interest in because I am not good enough to play the game. These games are all characterized by their intense difficulty, I know, which may mean that I just don’t like difficult games. And yet, Ori and the Blind Forest was also difficult, and I absolutely loved that game.

So luckily, people differ, and so do their tastes.

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Off course you can. But you have to define not very good at.

You’re playing for your enjoyment so you have to judge for yourself.

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Great topic @Aeightsh so there’s something you’re good at!

I believe you can enjoy games that you’re not very good at but it can depend on the game. If a certain game demands a degree of skill to actually get any enjoyment out of the game but you don’t have that skill - or just don’t have the time and effort to invest “gitting gud” - then I find myself being put off the game.

For example - I feel that a game like Dota isn’t much fun if you’re not good, or decent, at it. It sucks being the weakest link in the team and it really is no fun staring at the death screen so often. To enjoy the game you really have to invest in becoming a better player.

One genre that I enjoy, but don’t feel like I’m that great at is RTS. Trying to manage all the aspects - economy, scouting, army movement, build orders etc. at a high pace often goes beyond my ability to cope. And yet I’ve really enjoyed playing games like Starcraft, Age of Empires, Stronghold and so on. It certainly helps being able to lower the difficulty level.

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yes, I love survival games but hardly survive.

Also flight sims, really enjoy them but combat and landings are tough as heck.

Yep, i suck at strategy and rouge like games, yet there is something i enjoy about them