Can you guys/gals give me some upgrade advice please?

5 year old intel setup: i5 3470 with a dying real intel socket 1155 LGA mobo. The sound IO has already gone and I am down to one RAM slot (using one 8gb DDR) of 4 still working. It is almost dead. I am using a relatively new GTX 750 Ti in it, which still rocks. Got a 500gb SSD running on it


  • Use a site like to make something like this:

  • Slot in my 750 Ti

  • Slot in my 500gb SSD with its win 10 installation, which is linked to my MS account, and run as is, no reinstallation of windows 10. According to this:

Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change - Windows Help

it can work.


  1. Is that actually an upgrade? Will it work faster than my old i5?
  2. Am I crazy to attempt no reinstallation of win 10?
  3. Is it a good price?
  4. What would you change, given the price range of R6k-R7k?

Why not just

Ultimately the 750 will hold you back once you upgrade. I will generally recommend a full reinstall if you switch CPU manufacturers as it can sometimes introduce strange behavior.


Yes, but only marginally

No, but I would not recommend it

It’s not a bad price, but it’s a full system with bits you really don’t need. Do you need a 120GB SSD? Do you need a power supply? Do you need a Case and another optical drive?

imho do not buy these kits

Would a Ryzen 2600 + mobo + RAM not be an upgrade? It should be in the price range.

Good points but I really do want it all in a case, ready to take my SSD and graphics card. I find it immensely stressful assembling these things myself. I used to run a part time business doing it and have assembled hundreds but it was still very stressful and I find it more stressful now.

I also want a new power supply, mine is ancient and I know from experience that old PSUs can blow, even if you keep them clean.

Does the eve tech option come assembled and ready?


But that is part of the fun. Knowing 100% what is going on in your case.

PSU is def a must if you upgrade. Do not go overkill on it though, sometimes see people with a 1400W running 1x 1070 or something like that.

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Negative. The Evetech upgrade bundles are just CPU, Motherboard and RAM unless otherwise specified.

Can’t agree with this more. Yes it can be stressful doing your own PC upgrades, but you know EXACTLY what is going on in there once you’re done.


@Shrike, Wootware also has the option to assemble things for you. I believe @MalicE will be able to give you good advice.

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Get a nice second hand case in good condition for cheap, buy the parts separately and build it yourself. Finish and klaar.

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For all you know he has anxiety and you forcing him to build the machine himself will push him over the edge.

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Wootware looks pretty good, are they reliable?

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Yes, they are my favourite store. They have really good support.


I have bought from them without hassle. They also gave me some helpful tech support that resolved the issue when I had RAM issues instead of going through needless RMA procedures.


Perhaps get a friend and ask him to do most of it and he can just assist here and there a bit


Wootware is one of my favourite retailers when it comes to PC components. Rebeltech or Wootware


Those are my two favourite stores too. And um Takealot. Just because it’s so easy to exchange things.


Think the only thing I have bough from Takealot was Dog food and a pair of socks


The wootware option is looking real good, same specs from them is R500 + R400 delivery more (ouch!) but it is probably worth it for + your recommendations here

as opposed to

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Wootware is good, but Evetech is still cheaper. And they often have specials on their upgrade kits

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