Cancelled Shows


I re-watched a few episodes of Jericho over the weekend and thought it was such a shame that it was cancelled. Then I got to thinking that a lot of shows that I thought were interesting get cancelled.

So tell me about prematurely cancelled shows that I can look up and then get sad that there won’t be more episodes to watch.

Oh and @Wyvern I expect you to be mentioning a certain show.


Freaks and Geeks


i think shows with uber potential that were cancelled prematurely

Fast lane
almost human
Human Target
The Class
terminator sarah connor chronicles

and more i cant think of now
fun fact 90% of these shows were on FOX ! i hat that company


One series I’ll add to the list is Terra Nova. I really liked the concept and the show wasn’t that bad at all. But was cancelled after just one season.

+1 for Jericho as well. Man that was a great premise for a show.


forgot about that wasnt that also on FOX :laughing:


Obviously Firefly

Then Almost Human, Kitchen Confidential, Bunheads, Freaks and Geeks, My so called life, Terra Nova, Forever, The Dresden Files, The Secret Circle, The tomorrow people, Pan AM, Harpers Island just to name a few


Flash Forward…think it had promise.


The one that pissed me off the most recently is the cancellation of Colony. The announcement was made a few days before the last episode of Season 3 aired in the States and supposedly leaves a shit ton of unanswered questions hanging. I haven’t watched S3 yet as we only have up to the end of S2 here so far, but now I’m thinking I may not bother waiting for it to get here and may just find S3 elsewhere, binge watch the entire season and move on.

TV Series Finale maintains a listing of all of the shows cancelled each season, and their pages for individual shows are also pretty useful.

Oh, and this too:


Obviously Firefly. If it had been made now and released on a platform like Netflix instead of TV it would have killed.

Other great Joss Whedon series that weren’t renewed are Angel and Dollhouse. The story behind Angel getting dropped is particularly sad, but it did lead to a kickass ending (my assumption, not canonical).

Also have to agree with @Wyvern on Pan Am. I might be a Christina Ricci fanboy.

Surviving Jack getting cancelled after only five episodes was a travesty (Fox again!).

Veronica Mars not getting renewed after season 3 was sad. Like Firefly, it was ahead of its time. In the age of streaming and binge-watching it would have worked well.