Cape Town Fire

They have evacuated areas now since before 5am.
The above photo was taken at 7:30.
Gift of the Givers Responds to UCT Fire.

The explosion at the Rhodes Memorial restaurant was manageable, the fire seemed under control, then came a twist of fate and a huge wind took the fire to UCT destroying residences, library and important buildings even “jumping” across the N3.

Words of praise for the UCT Council who moved swiftly to take care of their students finding alternative accommodation for four thousand students, an amazing feat in a short space of time. The fire fighters have been incredible, an indomitable spirit to take on the headwinds and challenges head on. Our prayers for the four brave individuals hospitalised, the seventy on the mountain tonight and collectively the 160 and helicopter crews involved in this risky battle with the force of nature.

Gift of the Givers have been requested to provide three meals per day for the next seven days, a task we welcome with great joy, serving the future leaders of our nation. The cook was amazing, got his team together at short notice, purchased ingredients late Sunday afternoon, cleaned, cut, prepared and cooked chicken, mutton and vegetable akni to accommodate diverse dietary requirements as best we could. The volunteers came in their numbers to the Gift of the Givers office at 8pm to package the meals, whilst our medical teams emphasised social distancing (Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere), and even lent a hand at dishing out. Meals were delivered door to door at the various hotels. The requests for soap, toothpaste and personal hygiene items are overwhelming.

Gift of the Givers teams will visit all accommodation sites in the morning to assess needs first hand whilst volunteers will prepare meals at Old Mutual West Campus, 91 Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands. The building has been generously offered to Gift of the Givers to collect all food and water items (no clothing required) and a kitchen to prepare the meals three times a day.

Items required include water, Poweraide, Energade, juices, cool drinks, biscuits, energy bars, muffins, tea, coffee, long life milk, sugar, rice, beans, oil, noodles, salt, spices, cereals, eggs, butter, jam, cheese and bread. Soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet rolls, sanitary pads and hand sanitiser are essential personal hygiene requests. Gift of the Givers will provide protective masks. The requirement for blankets, linen and towels is yet to be determined. Cash contributions will be used for the purchase of chicken, meat and fish. Deposit into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account number 052137228, Branch Code 057525, ref UCT Fire. For Section 18A tax benefit certificate send deposit slip to [email protected]. Details on the intervention call toll free 0800786911.

Massmart, Engen, TFG, Woolworths, Pick 'N Pay, Shoprite, Pioneer Foods and Coke have already offered assistance. Uber are willing to transport students and deliver meals. The spirit of ubuntu nationwide is exhilarating. Thank you South Africa.

gift of the givers to the rescue!

Also highly irritated by the UCT students who decided to party all night in their hotels…

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I don’t understand this part? cut students?


My stupid grammarly repaired the word - UCT Students


oh hahaha… yeah, that makes more sense :sweat_smile:


Maybe they are cutters


Update from SANPARKS

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:fire: Sounds hectic - stay safe Cape Towners!

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Its been contained!!!


Wow! I saw the news headline and the pessimist in me immediately thought the students are burning their own campus down… Now it seems it is far worse than I ever thought and the damage priceless…

This whole thing sucks so hard!


Amen. Glad they have subdued the fires.


The damage to the library is sad, the historic sites such as Mostert se Meul kills me to look at them. They are landmarks and monuments and part of our history. What pisses me off was the amount of twitter posts calling out for more fires, to burn it all down.

Final update, the fire, for now, is moving up the mountain away from residences.
Some pictures from tonight and what is left of the library.



Those library pics are just tragic.


Yea the library is very sad - 2 out of 3 floors burnt to nothing… That is a hell of a lot of valuable historic documentation gone.

This morning we have 4 choppers out there - 3 dumping water and the 4th is a spotter.

The wind has died down but the fire is moving towards cable way

In light of the fire at the University of Cape Town on April 18th, academics and other researchers around the world who have worked in these special collections and have taken photocopies or mobile phone images of documents may be able to contribute these to help recover some of the lost records. Please fill in the form one time for each document you have. The results will be collated by Dr Maha Rafi Atal, Copenhagen Business School, and passed to UCT.

Sorry for that bad image

Some good news - the fire is done. Hopefully it wont flare up if the wind picks up again but for now its dead.

The damage: