Category Suggestion: Adding Movies and Entertainment


We’re all geeks, and we love geeky things. Part of that is a love for movies and series and that type of related news. Perhaps we should create a separate category devoted to this, and encourage more people to share stories, threads and discussion topics, even news about movies and series and whatnot.


Hey I keep the movie and tv show thread updated as much as I can :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes it would be nice to have a catagory for it - it keeps dissapearing.


We have a tag but there have only been 4 posts using it.


People are bad at tagging, so we’ll have to figure out a consistent system as we go. I’ll give the categories a look today along with the other stuff I’m working on.

I want to try and avoid long category names, but “Art & Entertainment” makes the most sense to me right now.