CD Projekt Red has no online elements currently planned for Cyberpunk 2077

Last year, CD Projekt Red ruffled some feathers when it announced that Cyberpunk 2077 would include online elements to ensure the longevity of the game, a departure from what the studio is truly known for. Doubling back on itself, it seems that the hotly anticipated title is now pegged as a single-player only experience with a one-time payment model.

Head of CD Projekt Red (CDPR) Adam Badowski had mentioned to Eurogamer that it intends to have multiplayer elements within Cyberpunk 2077, but never particularly elaborated how. This spurred speculation as to how the studio might go about implementing these multiplayer elements, from whether it would create a MMO-like experience to jumping on the recent Battle Royale bandwagon.

Luckily, for the many that wished for Cyberpunk 2077 to follow in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the phrase “single-player” is mentioned at least three times from joint-CEO Adam Kiciński during CDPR’s stream of its financial conference, with a particular emphasis on delivering the title without extras that don’t belong there.

“First of all, we’re going to deliver the players a huge story-driven role-playing game for a single player as was the case with The Witcher 3,” Kiciński explained. “As a further extension of the game? I don’t like to comment, but I’m not saying it’s not going to be the case because we already said in the past we wanted our future projects to integrate online components at some point.”

This is already a clear cut answer as to what CDPR has in store with regards to Cyberpunk 2077, but to hit the point home a couple more times, Kiciński goes on to explain that the studio is “considering everything and everything” but the Cyberpunk 2077 currently in the works is an “immense story-driven roleplay for a single-player without any micro-payments whatsoever, without any hidden things whatsoever, just as was the case for The Witcher 3.”

And finally, just for good measure, it is “going to be a very different game than The Witcher 3 with no predefined character, a futuristic world” but at the same time “it’s going to be just the same as The Witcher 3 – namely a single-player game purchased for a one-off fee.”

Source: kitguru

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I personally believe it’s a great thing that the game is focussed on the single-player experience. I hate it when games have multiplayer elements tacked on just to “enhance the experience” or “create a persistent, living world”. Gaming is like reading a book for me - I don’t want to be interrupted by anyone influencing my trek through the story.

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