"Choose Your Own Adventure" publisher suing Netflix over Bandersnatch

"Choose Your Own Adventure" publisher, Chooseco LLC, is suing Netflix alleging trademark infringement, false designation of origin, unfair competition and trademark dilution.

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I wonder why not? Wonder if 20th Century Fox’s deal had some kind of exclusivity attached. Talk about Netflix throwing its weight around, though.

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I remember reading choose your own adventure books a long time ago. But not this Black Mirror thing. Don’t have netflix either.


Yea I was a biiiig reader/collector of choose your own adventure books. my mom would bring them home from the school library (teacher) whenever i’d finished one, and they would be a staple “ez” birthday/christmas gift for me throughout primary school.
I even read one of the choose your own adventure super adventure (was like a proper novel length).

Wow. you made me google the choose your own adventure series and now i’m gonna try find these two:

As the series progressed, both Packard and Montgomery experimented with the gamebook format, sometimes introducing unexpected twists such as endless page loops or trick endings. Examples include the “paradise planet” ending in Inside UFO 54-40 , which can only be reached by cheating or turning to the wrong page by accident, and the potentially endless storyline in The Race Forever .


Choose Your Own Adventure was my gateway into gamebooks, and none captivated me more than Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf series.

Half my allowed quota of books at the library (at least!) were usually gamebooks and CYOA books of some form.

Likely they are the reason I enjoy the RPG genre so much to this day.

Ok and here I am the only kid who HATED those books?


I’m with you on that. Bought a couple of them in High School, read a chapter or three and gave up.
Haven’t tried the movie yet. How quickly should I watch it? Any possibilities that the movie gets pulled?

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