Cities Skylines 2

So this will be the new home of all discussion on the upcoming Cities Skyline 2.


Okay so continuing the conversation about CS2’s announcement here as I have much to say.

With the game’s announcement last night and the fact that it is coming to both Console and Game Pass day one, TrueAchievements already have the list of achievements you can get in the game on console. This happens many times, but this gives some great insight into what we may see coming in the game.

The read the full list of achievements, here is the link:

Some standout parts for me are:

Create a city district and assign a city service to that district.

This interests me, as this achievement makes it sound like each district will need its own list of services you will need to build and maintain, which is a lot different than the current spam-and-forget mechanic of CS1.

Have 20 active transport lines. These can be passenger or cargo lines or any mix of the two.

Passenger transport lines are a staple of the game, but cargo lines? Does that mean you will need to plan for the transport of your industry goods in a more granular manner, and plan for a proper public transport network for goods as well? SIGN ME THE F UP!!!

Unlock 150 map tiles in a single city.

For reference, the current vanilla game has 25 tiles, and the whole map can be unlocked with a mod granting you access to 81 tiles. CS2 lets you unlock almost double that as a base. This game is going to be much bigger!

Have buildings from all four zone types in a single city.

Currently, CS1 has 3 zones; Residential, Commercial and Industrial/Office. So what is the fourth zone? Hopefully mixed-use or nature, and with it a new mechanic.


With the amount of changes, I’m thinking CS2 is going to warrant having it’s own topic. Do you, or our other CS superfan @czc, want to call dibs and maybe grab the 5 points for writing an article about yesterdays announcement , and then we’ll shift your achievement post over to that?

CS1 will still have a long following with all its DLC and mods on older machines though, so I think we should keep this one for it.


Hey, I can also like to build cities

What the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, That sounds insane, good thing I upgraded to a 12th gen CPU.


Some more details I’ve gathered from watching a metric ton of content creators and other people analysing and that have played CS2 a year or two ago:

  • The game is reported to run on Unreal Engine 5. City Planner Plays analyzed the trailer and found an asset used in the trailer on the Unreal Engine store. Other Unreal developers have analyzed the trailer and confirmed how they can confirm that UE5 is being used.
  • The game already had a very secret alpha test with content creators as far back as 2021. Prominent creators such as Biffa, Yumble, ConflictedNerd and City Planner Plays all confirmed they played the game a while back, and while they cannot say anything about the game then, there have been many things in the trailer that were present in the game.
  • Many prominent QoL modders responsible for things like Traffic Manager, MoveIt and Intersection Marking tool are now working for Colossal Order, and the idea is that these mods will most likely be built into the game.
  • Construction will be a mechanic on its own in CS2. There will be a mode that cranks the realism of the game where construction of buildings and roads takes more time as construction crews will move from site to site building these projects.

So you write an article for us then! :smiley:

Oh, and which one? Updated system specs please.


Thank you for all your insights and knowledge sharing on this topic @DieGrootHammer.

One takeaway from me after watching that trailer was the varying weather conditions and how this may affect gameplay mechanics, if at all, unless it’s only aesthetics.

e.g., electricity consumption or traffic congestion worsens during the cold winter months.

I still have all the DLC on my wishlist and am yet to play with any of it. :sob:


Here? Seems a little off topic.

I did a bit of an upgrade because I was startng to struggle in VR and CPU intensive games.

  • i7-6700 → i5-12600k
  • GT 1070 → 6700 XT
  • Asrock something - > ASUS Prime B660

CS1 ran like poop on a big city, consistently at 15fps or lower. Now the same city gets 30-60 fps depending on what you look at.
Happy with this setup, for at least another console cycle.

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This is actually already in the game. The electricity requirements of a city varies wildly between day and night, sunshine and rain. On winter maps, you need at least 50% more electricity generation to keep up with heat. What CS2 will do is have all these various seasons on a single map (presumably) and you having to deal with the changing of requirements through these changes.

As a note as well, there is a achievement you get when you experience a hail storm, which seems to point that there will be different weather systems in the game and some can be devastating to your city.


I’ve wanted some system like this forever, realistic disasters that aren’t apocolypic. I hope that’s a thing.

Fires were never something to really worry about and flooding only happened if you messed up you landscaping or built a damn without thinking about the consequences.

I need to do some YouTubing, I didn’t even know a sequel was in the works.

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Yes, sorry, this is what I was trying to imply.

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Correction on a speculation that was rife in the community, CS 2 is vuilt in the Unity engine


I was wondering about that, as CS1 was built on Unity. It would make way more sense to use a newer version of Unity for CS2, as they can reuse lots of their game scripts in the sequel instead of rewriting everything in Unreal Engine’s blueprints or C++. It would be a task of, well, colossal order.


There have been quite a few videos on the leaked Cities Skylines 2 screenshots popping up. For example.

It looks like an improved Cities Skylines. Most interesting is the lane merging.


Awesome, it looks like a city, so they’re off to a good start.


Release date is October 24 2023.

Here is the release trailer.


Big yay! That’s a lot sooner than I was expecting it. :smiley:

Two editions - Standard and Ultimate.

Cities: Skylines II: Ultimate Edition gives you access to the base game, as well as the Expansion Pass. This includes the San Francisco Set, Beach Properties Asset Pack (Q4 ‘23), two Content Creator Packs (Q1 ‘24), the Bridges & Ports Expansion (Q2 ‘24) as well as 3 Radio Stations paired with each release (Q4 ‘23, Q1 Q2 ‘24)."

On the negative side of things:

  • Despite a smallish regional discount, the PC pricing is still way over (+80%) Valve’s recommended pricing for South Africa.
  • Console versions are limited to new-gen.
  • No MacOS or Linux support (at least on launch) sorry @Beo @murfle :frowning:
  • With 4 cosmetics DLC packs and an Expansion (with fancier bridges and port stuff - presumably the game will come with basic bridges and port elements) already known about months before the game launches, the DLC list is bond to grow to similar levels as CS1. At double the cost of CS1, that’s a little disappointing.

PlayStation 5 R899 / R1609

Xbox Series X|S R839 / R1519

PC-Steam R749 / R1349


two dollars twenty built the city you see in the trailer.


Nice to see some good pricing there, and not too disparate either.


At least Linux has Proton to fill the gap. The database entry on is empty at the moment though.