Cleaning your Monitor

With the light on and steam in the background I’ve noticed that my screen is very dusty. I never cleaning my last one but my new one is just a few months old. I would be afraid of scratching the screen with just a normal cloth. How would you go about cleaning a LCD without damaging it?

I just make sure to take a new or clean microfiber cloth. A white one is the best one since you can easily see if there is anything on it.

When you clean it, make sure its been off for at least an hour and then I wipe mine off with a screen cleaner and then dry it off with a microfiber cloth. (make sure to do this when the monitor is ice cold - other wise you will have streaks)

Im gonna attempt to fix a minor scratch on my screen at my brother’s place - I saw a trick, will see if it works, if it does I will do a post!

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Looks like I’ll have to get a microfiber cloth.

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How do you not have one?

I have one in the car, one at the pc, and even one in the kitchen