CNA Games & Electronic clearance sale

Apparently all the CNA’s are selling their stock for low prices! up to 20% off. But only instore not online


Yeah it’s a shame that I have to go into a mall to go look. So will skip. :slight_smile: A friend of mine got a couple of bargains though.


We don’t even have a CNA near me anymore so I wont bother


I wonder if the clearance has to do with the CNA sale by Edcon.

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Apparently yes it does

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might go have a look but day going to the shops… Bleg


I have to go the mall anyway to pay some accounts so I’ll pop in. Not looking for games but rather cheap(er) SD card(s).

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I finally got off my lazy bum and bought AC Odyssey for the XBox for R100. So that’s pretty awesome.

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Did anyone get anything interesting?

I got a wired controller for PS4 (and PC) for R240 and Civilization VI for PS4 for R125.

nice sony or offbrand?

Geoteck. I’m happy with it. Both my DS4’s are over 4 years old, so it’s nice to have a new controller again. Even if it is wired.

At first the buttons were swapped around when I tried playing a PC game, but a firmware update made it work with DS4Windows like a normal DS4.

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a cool