COD Black Ops 4


I figured we should start a thread to talk about COD Black Ops 4 (what a mess these COD names are). I tried out the traditional game beta and it seemed like the usual spawn and die repeatedly stuff you usually find but then footage of the battle royale mode exploded on the streams and it looks pretty cool.

Firstly, only Activision could get away with such a blatant copy of PUBG. I remember PUBG Corp complaining about Fortnight being a copy but this… this definitely is. Thing is, I don’t think the smaller in comparison company would dare take on Bobby Kotick’s horde of lawyers.

Secondly, it’s basically PUBG but with polish. Man, the idea of playing a PUBG-alike but without all the jankiness is certainly enticing and the game looks proper fun. There are variations and additions to the gameplay to at least differentiate it from regular PUBG.

I am keen to try it tonight when they allow us non-pre-orderers into the Beta. Anyone else giving it a go?


The Beta has been open from this morning for everyone, i’ve already given it a go a few times. The game is quite fun and is rather polished. The only problems i’ve had was with getting a lobby of people together as well as having the game freeze / crash in game. Those haven’t happened too often and my experience overall has been good.


I haven’t been able to find a match unfortunately, not sure if the servers are too busy


Anyone playing this at all? Have a gift link for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 C.O.D.E. Salute Pack DLC if you want it? Will PM it to the first MEW Regular who asks.


@Talentloos has it on PC as far as I know. Also @Solitude and @Havok


Unfortunately not; it’s Battlefield V for me at the moment. But I know of quite a few guys that are playing at the moment.


sweet. Yeah ill take it if its still up for grabs.


I also don’t have it. Also have Battlefield V.


Done! Enjoy dude :slight_smile:


Thanks Dude. That is epic.


Yeah I messed up, I was thinking of BF5 :smiley: