COD Black Ops Coldwar

So since I bought this I figured I would start a thread for it.

So far I haven’t been too thrilled with the game, its looks beautiful but the multiplayer gameplay is soo completely broken. Its like you are playing on a 200ping server.

Also I have found so many asshats on servers as well, from your normal run of the mill racists to the entitled “I want to get all the achievements so dont kill me let me kill you”.
People playing in public servers getting angry when you kill them when their only aim is to get trick shots etc. Im sorry there is a F*cking private game lobby you can use for you and your friends to go and get your trick shots. Dont shout at me in a public server that I had no choice in picking that I am spoiling your game!

Ive only played 2 scenes from the campaign and so far its interesting. I like that there is some repercussions to your actions (ie killing someone before getting info from them).

The Zombies mode is an interesting mode, however i dont see myself playing that a lot.

So all in all I am probably going to need a new mouse soon as this game (ok the MP) is frustrating as hell and im going to break my mouse. I dont get angered by games often however this game just gets my blood boiling.


I can say Zombies is fun if you have a squad full of friends. And it also helps alot when leveling your weapons (Weapon xp) get shared by a small amount. Hardcore is more challenging since it’s 1 hit kill no matter what. Haven’t played the core as much but its a really fun game.

Also the game hasn’t dropped any hotfixes or patches so I think with the battle pass that’s coming in Dec there’s gonna be alot of fixes

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