Companion Apps


Have you ever used a companion app for a game?
If so which game apps do you recommend?

I honestly love the idea, the best use of it that I have experienced was with Assassins Creed Black Flag where your phone/ tablet doubled as a live map screen and fleet management page. It was amazing to simply not pause the game and check your map etc.

I think Nintendo were onto something similar with the wiiU controller but Im unsure of what games utilised it to its full potential.


I also used the Black Flag companion app. That was actually rather fun to use and gave you a lot of value in game.

I tried the Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app. It shows the map and some in-game information. But it didn’t feel all that valuable and I didn’t end up using it all that often.


I used a few through the years, from a WoW one, one for Warframe - that showed you all the alerts during the day and made you realise how much you missed out whilst at work.

And then the current one is Destiny 2 app


Destiny 2 app is solid, i also used the gtaV app for chop and multiplayer, but i am not a big fan of that one