Competition Time! Semblance Giveaway

So we all know I have been following Semblance for a while now and it has officially been released and even tho WebAfrica and their broken internet almost prevented me from playing it on release day, I managed to get 30mins into the game. I love it, from the mechanics, the music, the colours, I like it all. So far it’s not difficult but then again I have just started learning the basics of the game.

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Well, you do realize that guineafowl are panicky and about as smart as a box of rocks. So when they panic, and remember they can lose their minds at the sight of their own shadow, the run off in whatever direction they were facing when panic set in. This is usually directly into the path of oncoming danger. Since danger is now approaching more rapidly they compensate by running even faster. When they realize that the object approaching them (usually a car or motorcyle) will hit them no matter what, they suddenly remember that they are not in fact flightless.

Usually at this point they get deflected off said car (or sometimes your helmet) and they sometimes live to tell the tale.

TL;DR - if guineafowl were people they’d vote Trump


I went to a Zoo the other day. I walked past a cage and saw a Croissant sitting there. The Zoo Keeper walked by at that moment, and informed me that it was Bread in Captivity.


Hahahah! Wow I am so sleep deprived, I TOTALLY missed the part about Guineafowls. Making my joke just a dad joke totally out of context! =D *facepalm


I saw a guineafowl fly into the back of a horse once.

Thats all I got.


What was the last thing that goes through a guienea fowls brain when he hit my windscreen last week?

His Ass

I’ll think of a suicidal post soon


Top marks to @Wyvern for sponsoring prizes for this comp. You rock!

Not entering the competition as I have bought Semblance myself as well already, but just want to suggest that if this was the face that you had to wake up to every morning, you’d probably be bloody suicidal as well:


Guinea Fowls are not very pleasant animals and always seem sad and depressed. It must be because they are always in a Fowl mood


I am ashamed. Only just found out about this game, and the fact that it is homegrown. I’m gonna be buying a copy, so please do not enter me into the competition. But YAY for local developers!


My friend and I were chasing a guinea fowl around a 2 story building. we just kept going in circles. After about 3 laps, we got bored and stopped. At this point, it decided to try and fly away. Straight into the building, about half a story up. Not the window either… Its claws frantically tried to climb up higher until it lost all ‘footing’ and fell to the ground. We lost it!

Brilliant animals, I tells ya!

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African proverb say…
“Guinea fowl that run in front of bakkie get tired. Guinea fowl that run behind bakkie get exhausted.”


There’s absolutely nothing funny about those devils!

This is me, last year, contributing to the purge of free-range guinea-fowls:

I’m not entering the competition

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Where did you get a photo of my gf before she’s put on makeup?


There once was a guinea that was fowl,
His brain a lot smaller than that of an owl,
On Monday found his wife with Bill in bed
Unable to find the hunters lead
A car is a much quicker way to disembowel


Guineafowl who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok


Ooh a Giveaway!

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Bumpity bump

Thats what she said!

The sound of a suicidal guinea fowl under a car


Gather around and get comfy children, for the tale about the stupidity of the Guineafowl is long and full of mystery.

The humble guineafowl we know a loathe today forms part of the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. These birds have historically been silently at the center of many of history’s greatest blunders.

It all started on a late summer’s day in 1329, in the lands of Saxony. History buffs would know that this was the first true sighting of the stupid guineafowl. These birds emerged from the undergrowth of the forest to make nest in a little village in rural Saxony. Many people were baffled and intrigued by these speckled birds, and quickly the town made a name for itself. Little did they know of the horrors of their future.

It started with a little boy named Marcikus writing the most stupidest answer of all time to a test in school. Then his little sister started eating tree bark. His mother took off her clothes and started singing “I had a dream” 670 years before Westlife made it popular. Stranger and stranger things started happening with this families immediate friends, until the whole town was a stupid as a bag of rice.

This town was later renamed as Pretorea, and the name later used for the South African city Pretoria, mostly for the same reasons.

As time went on, many more strange and stupid things kept happening. The black death, the last crusades, onion ring toast, the Napoleon wars, all of these idiotic events directly traceable to the presence of guineafowls.

Only in 1879 did the famous botanist Karl Koch, mere weeks before his death, discover that most, if not all life’s stupid event could be traced directly to guineafowl. These creatures from the depths of Hades have extremely unique brainwave activity, affecting cognitive capabilities of all within their vicinity.

It was only later in 1913 that scientist could take this research and successfully synthesize counteracting wave lenghts. This technology was widely implemented with radio waves, and later in 1956 added to TV signals. To this day, a piece of spectrum used for mobile internet transmission is used to carry these counteracting wavelengths.

These wavelengths successfully neutralized the negative effect of the stupidity of guineafowls, but there was side effects. With these waves now emitting from the fowls with no receptors, they underwent radiance resonation and reverted back to the guineafowls. making them even more stupid, thus creating a self-sustaining loop of ever-increasing stupidity.

This is why you will see guineafowl so the most stupid things imaginable. All perfectly explained through the usage of science and history.