Conviction — Anthem short film from Neill Blomkamp releases tomorrow

Neill Blomkamp’s latest work is a live-action short film based in the Anthem universe that is being released tomorrow, 14 Feb 5:30pm GMT. The story is set decades in the past of where players will enter the current world in Anthem.

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Okay, so it’s out. And it’s weird. Weird in an interesting, good way. Very Blomkamp and very Oats Studio though. More of an “extended trailer” feel to it than a “live-action short”. Maybe hinting at a full length movie in the future? I wouldn’t complain. Personally I’d watch the hell out of anything that Oats turns into feature length.


On second thought, maybe even better than a movie… how about a Netflix Original Series?


I agree, that could be very interesting

Holy moly! This has me so amped for this movie! Oh… It’s just a trailer for the game… Damn! I think Blomkamp is the perfect fit for a movie!

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