Couriers - Your experiences

Seeing the discussion in “This is not the greatest topic in the world… this is just a tribute” what have your experiences been with courier companies?

Mine have been fine. Takealot have delivered when they say before 8AM every time.

The only issue I have had is UNISA couriers trying to deliver my study guides after my exams were already supposed to have been written.

So my experiences are generally favourable.


Generally done have issues. I also generally pick up orders from Takealot, but when couriering something or receiving, I’ll opt for PostNet or the Courier Guy (think it’s called).


These days I’ve started ordering from loot and they use Pargo. It is quite convenient as I have the stuff delivered to a Clicks that is like 1km from me and then collect it there. That way, they don’t wake me up by accident and I can go fetch when I’m good and ready :).

If I courier myself, I send via Courier Guy ( or Postnet.


As mentioned in the other thread, Fastway delivered one of two parcels at 7pm on Friday evening. I didn’t have the tracking number for the parcel that was sitting there since July 2nd, and it didn’t come.

I’ve emailed the other company I ordered from this morning to get on Fastway’s case. Will keep you all posted.


Takelot is fine since they have their own delivery service so its all intergrated, even postnet is fine since their orders go to the store and you need to collect it there, 3rd party couriers are always a pain and there is never a way to speak to a manager, and when you get cut off you have to call again and hold on for 20+ minutes before someone answers and then sometimes when you receive your packages it looks like it was manhandled by a bear


Well, apparently Fastway didn’t want to hit the 2 week mark of it sitting at their depot, they delivered this morning.


zero issues.

I personally use Fedex or Postnet.
No complaints at all.