Custom Tietels again


But just for new members.
Like on My G.
Need to be a member for X amount of time, X amount of posts, Likes and what not.


Naw I think since we are all new - we can just do it?
Or do you wanna impose rules?
I think since we dont have sigs we can have at least this


Think there must be some criteria though. Does not have to be too hectic though


Maybe that can be the reward/initation for becoming a “regular” on here?


That can work yeah


One question = I cant see where to change titles to custom


Interesting question. It could turn out to be a very manual process.


I can change mine to regular and that is it - no custom option @SIGSTART


Confirmed: custom titles are definitely an option. It may just require admin or mod intervention.

Look under Menu->Admin->Users, select a user, click edit button next to title.

There is a more manual process which I’ll check out which will allow you to switch to another title that has been awarded to you later down the line, and then back to your Balls of Steel title.


Weird i didnt see that next to mine lemme check again



Definately not there for me, lemme check on others - nope not able to - maybe its you alone


You have to go through the Menu(Hamburger Icon) Admin Users like SIGSTART Said.


See Im blind

Im also asleep


It works, I tested it on you. Sorry for the poor title.


its suitable will keep it for now :smiley:


What have I done!
Never seen bosoms mentioned so much in such a little time on a forum before


Can I have my old one from MyG?


I will go get it for you


its boring tho :stuck_out_tongue:


He can vote and give the old one as an option! =D
Hence balls of steel 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: