Custom Tietels again


Not to me it isn’t. Its emblematic.



It’s just Thread Killer. Don’t mess with the classics.


I’ll add some suggestions for everyone tomorrow.


@Murph yours should be something along the lines of


ill think of what else to put with grumpy later


@wenzdayz chose that one for you myself :slight_smile:


ja i heard, your such a woosie when it comes to calling ppl out :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh cool she changed it to my other one


“someone” discovered where to add custom tietels :stuck_out_tongue:


Ffs @Wyvern stop adding stuff to me title. It’s long enough already


I claim innocence for now


i LOVE it…and i think it can go even longer


thats your Mafia line


Just wait until Sigstart gets home


hahahaha I wanna know whose arm you twisted for mine


Yours is perfect


So is yours


No mines ridiculous. Cant even see the whole thing - that should tell you something


So are we going to stick with this? @everyone


I honestly haven’t been following this thread. So is the plan to reward someone with Balls of Steel the moment they graduate to “Regular”? If so, I’m all for it.


Just a question though - How DOES one become “regular”? Not as in bowel movements, but flagged by the site as “Regular”?