Custom Tietels again


You make it to trust level 3.


What does that mean and how do you get there? And how do I know at which trust level I am?


Check here

also if you just click your name right here in your reply it shows you your “top” badges and you can navigate further :slight_smile:


I leave you lot alone for half a day and you let the power go straight to @Wyvern’s head!


I blame everyone else - lots of promises of vodka for the name changes :smiley:


You’re close, you just need to um, like more stuff.


I’m not much of a “liker”. I don’t think I’ve ever liked something on Facebook either, only the odd page I’d like to subscribe to for update purposes.




how do you see how close somebody is?


I usually use a 1m long stick. That then indicates that the person is roughly 1m away from me when the stick touches them. That is how I see how close somebody is