Custom Tight-L

Never attempted one on MyG, so I’ll give it a shot here.

(I’m scared)

  • Hockey Jockey
  • He was a skater boy
  • Eh?
  • Bacon flavoured maple syrup eater
  • The Mighty Duck
  • I will ice skate for funbags
  • Choo-choo Bear
  • Blame Canada

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Hockey Jockey?


I don’t think that’s really a thing, unless you’re talking about a cup…

I like the hockey part though!

:musical_note: he was a sketer boy :musical_note:

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stupid discourse

Wrong type of skater :expressionless:



Because why not, eh?

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bacon flavoured maple syrup eater

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(10 chars)

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Right into the boards!

I’m also running out of bacon flavoured maple syrup, eh? (anyone want to order me some from overseas? :D)

the mighty duck :grin:


Winner right here

but I don’t like the ducks… I’m a Jets fan :frowning:

what blasphemy is this everyone always wanted to be part of the Mighty Ducks…


But jsut for that you shall become a Duck!

I think I caught some of the movie on a Disney afternoon or something… Can’t say it was overly memorable. I watch real hockey :slight_smile:

There’s a joke about witches in here somewhere…

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Waiting on one or two more suggestions, and I’ll put up a poll

you might as well just accept it now, you will forever be a MIGHTY DUCK :wink::grin:


Guess that’s why it’s balls of steel :frowning:

Still, need more options for a proper democratic vote