Dead Cells

So I picked up Dead Cells during the recent Steam sale. I had a vague idea that I might enjoy it, given my crippling addiction to MetroidVania style games. But I guess I was worried the “Rogue” elements might spoil it.

Fired it up for a while last night and I am LOVING IT!!! Amazing and intoxicatingly visceral feeling of momentum. Only just scratched the surface but I like the “permanent upgrade” components, which help to avoid the feeling of death being overly frustrating. I used to love Spelunky back in the day, and this has that sort of manic death-around-every-corner feel. But where it differs from Spelunky, is that you feel like a badass. you feel relatively confident tacking on enemies. It has that “Dark Souls” vibe of knowing that most deaths are due to your own hubris.

I am torn between playing it some more on PC, or waiting for the Switch version…

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Nice! It’s definitely on my wish list. I didn’t get it this past sale but will certainly pick it up next time.