Deep Rock Galactic

Danger. Darkness. Dwarves. These three words form the subtitle of Deep Rock Galactic and give you a clue as to what to expect in this 4-player sci-fi co-op shooter taking place in procedurally generated and 100% destructible caves on an extremely hostile alien planet.

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This looks like fun. Been keeping an eye on it for a while. But I think that’s the extent to which I’ll enjoy this: on Twitch

It’s definitely one to play with friends if you do get it.


This is now on Gamepass, and I need people to join! This game is insanely fun and have been playing it with @Nosferatie all night! Plus, it has cross-play between XBOX and PC!

I am doing my part, are you? Click here to see more.


I’ve got it installed :grinning: Got it in early access and played a fair bit with friends. It’s a great game. I’d be keen to join

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Starship Troopers reference… Sorry. And I did it wrong which also deos not help.

We will be playing again tomorrow night! (Saturday)

HOWEVER, from their site FAQ:

Note #2: The Steam version does NOT support Cross Platform Play. This mean that you are NOT able to play with people who have bought the Xbox One/ Windows 10 Version (Microsoft Store).

Ah, that sucks. I could grab the Windows 10 version since I have Gamepass, but I wonder if progress gets carried over?