Deep Rock Galactic

Danger. Darkness. Dwarves. These three words form the subtitle of Deep Rock Galactic and give you a clue as to what to expect in this 4-player sci-fi co-op shooter taking place in procedurally generated and 100% destructible caves on an extremely hostile alien planet.

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This looks like fun. Been keeping an eye on it for a while. But I think that’s the extent to which I’ll enjoy this: on Twitch

It’s definitely one to play with friends if you do get it.


This is now on Gamepass, and I need people to join! This game is insanely fun and have been playing it with @Nosferatie all night! Plus, it has cross-play between XBOX and PC!

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I’ve got it installed :grinning: Got it in early access and played a fair bit with friends. It’s a great game. I’d be keen to join

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Starship Troopers reference… Sorry. And I did it wrong which also deos not help.

We will be playing again tomorrow night! (Saturday)

HOWEVER, from their site FAQ:

Note #2: The Steam version does NOT support Cross Platform Play. This mean that you are NOT able to play with people who have bought the Xbox One/ Windows 10 Version (Microsoft Store).

Ah, that sucks. I could grab the Windows 10 version since I have Gamepass, but I wonder if progress gets carried over?

Necro! This game is doing really well, and it is STILL an amazing co-op experience!

SOURCE: Deep Rock Galactic - 2022 - Year in Review - Steam News


Hmm, seem to have overlooked this title. It looks pretty fun actually. Is the steam version still not cross-play?

I also see it has a crapload of DLC… How much of that is necessary?

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I have only played the GamePass version, so not sure if the cross-play is still a problem.

You need none of the DLC to have a good time! But you need a friend or 2 :wink:

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Yeah, only reason I never invested much more time in it was due to not having any friends playing it at the time.

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Oh crap


Ooh, just found that someone wrote an app that will handle the transfer of save files from Steam to Gamepass and vice versa. That was my biggest issue, having played it a fair bit on Steam I didn’t really want to start from scratch.

With cross-platform still not a possibility at least this is the next best option.


If anyone playing on Xbox I’ll download it.