Deliver Us the Moon

I played this a while ago and wanted to post my experience here. I played the game on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Deliver us the Moon is one those “short story” type games. You’ll complete it in just a few hours (around 5 - 6 hrs) and it provides a great experience. The story has some nice “twists” or rather intriguing turns as you go up to the moon (the orbital base first and then finally to the moon) and find out what happened. You actually find out the what fairly early on but it’s the how that gets filled in later.

Your journey will involve various activities with fairly light and contextually fitting puzzle solving. You’ll navigate in zero-g, drive a buggy and do a whole lot of other things as you work through the story.

The game looks good and the environments are well designed. Those with RTX cards can enjoy some fancy smancy reflections too.

I can thoroughly recommend playing Deliver us the Moon if you enjoy shortish, immersive experiences.


I will continue the game soonish - I started and have died about 5 times due to lack of oxygen and me being silly and not spotting solutions to puzzles a bit faster :stuck_out_tongue:
But overall its a fun and pretty game