Destiny 2 — The Final Shape

Where are the Destiny 2 peeps on mostepic?

So Curse of Osiris launches tonight. I am beyond excited. Cant wait to jump in.


Get your shit together Wayne. You know this day was coming.

I forgot ok! and I don’t have money for that now. I had to buy Soli Oxygen not included…

I take the blame here. Ain’t nobody got time for Destiny 2.

hey hey hey hey… let’s not get carried away now

I couldn’t even get through the trial on PC… The game bored the living daylights out of me.

i only recently played the pc version and its amazing compared to the ps4 version. the beginning of the game is kak. I’ll give you that.


This is going to get to me.

Turns out not tonight. Fucking maintenance and then patch. Are we allowed to swear here?

Sorry @czc completely forgot about the tag.

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I started playing the PC Trial, are you able to access multiplayer in the trial?

Yes you can play certain mp modes I think. And progress till level 7 in the rest of the game. Mp has advantages disabled, so you can play without issues at a low level.

I cant seem to find where to access MP - any ideas?

Have you done the first story mission after the opening level? MP only unlocks after that.

Yeah I saw that as well. Then you are thrown into the hub area with hundreds of level 1-2 players. I participated in some group events until I reliased it’s just another MMO and you can grind events over and over and over and the same enemies respawn at the same place every time. I guess I just expected something different from Destiny.

Ha ha. Yeah man. That’s all it is. Just grinding for better loot

I see Destiny 2 is the new Humble Monthly early unlock


And I bought it a fucking week ago.

Luckily I haven’t bought it yet, so it will unlock as soon as my automated payment goes through.