Detroit: Become Human Official Thread


Post your discussions here for Detroit: Become Human, releasing on May 25th 2018.

Spoilers in spoiler blurs if you can

Anybody played the demo yet?

I’ve given it a few tries seeing that there are multiple endings and I’ve realised there’s no happy ending. Yes you save the girl on some of them, but each ending leaves you with a feeling that something went wrong.

I recorded the one ending I did and even though I got 100% Daniel still gets shot to pieces

Note: Video has teasers

After playing the demo, would you say the game has any replayability? I mean yes there are different outcomes to decisions, I but feel like when I play the game your own moral stance will almost always force you to make certain choices. Or am I giving the game too much credit?

I’ll download and play the demo over the weekend. It’s short so should be easy to play through.

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The game looks great, very cinematic and such, and yes I did enjoy the demo finding myself replaying it a few times just to get each ending to see what happens, but, I still feel meh. It doesn’t have me yet. I’m going to wait for reviews and such closer to the time. It’s still a month away. While I was playing my wife saw me playing and found it interesting and eventually sat with me and watched me play to see what each ending would be, us discussing which options to choose each time.

I do feel the first time I played I chose options according to what I would do and then on other playthroughs I chose the other options to see the outcomes. On what you said, the ‘moral’ route was the one that got you a full 100% mission success (that’s the one in the video) so yeah, I suppose they could sway the game according to what they think is moral.

Yeah, that 6 minute upload is a full playthrough of the one ending. Yes I knew what to do and only did what was needed to get the outcome I wanted, but if you play and do every little thing there is to do you can get through it in like 30 mins I’d guess.

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