Digital Copy vs. Physical Disc Game, Which do you prefer?



Do you prefer to have a physical disc copy of a game or to get the digital copy of it?

For me I like to have digital copies so I don’t have to worry about the disc deteriorating, but then again I do like to get a good deal on a good second hand physical copy of a game, so I’m torn.


Digital copy all the way, dont have to worry about lost keys or broken disks


Oh I definitely prefer digital. All those boxes would just be taking up space gathering dust.


Both. I like to have something to touch and smell, but digital is also convenient. The issue with digital being space and internet data (if you’re not uncapped).


I haven’t bought a physical copy of a game or music in years and doubt I will again soon.


I prefer digital, the whole thing behind physical media has been lost.

I still remember some older titles; You’d get it on 6-7 CDs, install from all/most of them (if you chose full install and had the disk space). Then you try and run the game…it doesn’t work. So you end up looking for a patch. It’s 200 meg, so you download it on your 56k modem. In the mean time you read the 1000 page manual and study the included map. You’re confused, but the pictures in the manual look amazing.

7 hours and 15 days later your download finishes, you install the patch and you get to see what things look like for the first time…


Digital all the way for me. I haven’t bought a disc in ages. The only time I will consider physical copies of games will be for Switch games. Having the cartridges are easier seeing as the space on the console is limited. Plus some physical Switch games are actually cheaper than digital for some Nintendo reason


Yeah, physical copies are over and done with. I will most likely never buy a physical game box again. No need to, with online stores, decent internet speeds, and uncapped data.


I prefer digital because it’s more organised, take less space and you always have access to it. But physical is nice because you can trade it or sell it.

So at this point in time if a physical copy of a game is the same price as the digital version then I buy the physical one.


Then you tie it to your steam account and put the box on the shelf


Sorry I should have mentioned that I was talking about console games. PC games I buy digital exclusively.


i used to be an advocate for physical games right up to about 2013 then the light went on and i switched to digital and i havent bought a physical title since then, i think the last game i bought physically was halo 4.

digital is so much more convenient, you just boot up the console and start the game you dont have to insert and remove discs and you dont have to worry about discs getting damaged in the early 360 games i the original 360 jewel cases were pretty shit, before they changed the centre retainer and my brand new copies of DOA 4 and Project Gotham 3 both ended up cracked within a few months, i eventually had to replace it with preplayed copies from BT games.

There are rumours of a disc less xbox one in the works, and even if the next xbox console doesnt come with a disc drive i wont be bothered, I dont even use the disc drive on the xbox one X.


I’ll always go the digital route when buying PC games but when it comes to console i like to buy a physical copy


I’m a cheap bastard, so I tend to buy whatever is the cheapest.


Physical, makes me feel better to know that, that which I have paid for can be held physically in my hands, I have it, I have proof, and I find it really satisfying to have like an entire drawer full of games, rather that a bland list of words, I know disks are like old tech basically, but that’s fine, with most things having websites and internet, I can download the game, yes that makes this post a little contradictory, but even if I download the game digitally, I would like it to be bought physically. Unfortunately it ultimately comes down to where it is cheaper, but if I had infinite money I would get all the games I could physically.


Same here.

But sometimes, depending on the game, I want the case to put on my shelf.

Although I’d much rather have the digital so I don’t have to swap discs… Dang I’m lazy


With infinite amounts of money I’d have infinitely more copies of games that take up space and I’d still be left with no time to churn through my backlog, which would go from “bigish” to “infinite”…

Annoyingly I still need to finish one Batman title, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, I recently decided to replay XCOM2 (again, because beating it on impossible made me leave it for almost a year)…figured I should probably play Thief again and now they released Fallout 76 and Far Cry and Just Cause…

On a related note, I’ll start playing Just Cause 4 this weekend


Pretty much all digital for me - the specials and bundles are too good compared to retail.


Digital , never buy any physical copies any more. Never had steam/gog miss a release date nor had any bad service from them ever. The same cannot be said of the brick & mortor stores.