Dirt 5 - Push the Limits

After being only mildly impressed by the reveal trailer last month, I wasn’t really going to bother with a dedicated Dirt 5 topic…


But then I discovered earlier today that the career story will featured the gaming voice talents of legends Troy Baker and Nolan North, Codemasters’ first next-gen ready game got more interesting. I’m sure the story is not going to win any excellence in writing awards, but the fact that Codemasters created detailed lore and backstories for the characters that Bakers and North will play is reassuring. The career mode will also feature the Donut Media podcasters.


DIRT 5’s Career mode focuses on the highly successful ‘DIRT Series’: a global racing event across various disciplines, featuring the world’s greatest off-road racers. The player starts their fledgling career going up against an established field. The line-up includes superstar and fan favourite, Alex ‘AJ’ Janiček and Bruno Durand, a veteran who quickly becomes the game’s antagonist. The rivalry between AJ and Bruno creates the opportunity for a new up-and-coming driver to make their mark and build their legacy in the sport.

Career mode is divided into five chapters, offering multiple paths allowing players to choose the events they wish to play. The higher the finish, the more Stamps the player earns, which are needed to unlock the Main Event. The highly competitive final challenge is all that’s standing in the player’s way to proceed to the next chapter. Also dotted throughout are one-off Throwdown challenges. Once unlocked, players face the ultimate one-on-one challenge against a fierce competitor from the world circuit.

Codemasters also used the release of the career mode video to confirm that the game will release on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (Smart Delivery Enabled) on 09 October. PS5, XBX and Stadia versions will follow by late 2020/early 2021.

More info and details on the Codemasters blog:

Wishlisting and pre-ordering is available for the game on Steam (where once again Codemasters’ incredible Regional Pricing deals for South Africa give us the option to buy the game at around 200% cheaper than our American, European and Aussie friends.)

(There’s also again a small loyalty bonus attached to the “Amplified Edition” of the game for owners of other Codemasters titles on Steam)


Wow, Codies is really pumping out titles these days. It feels like Dirt 4 released just yesterday! I haven’t even sunk my teeth into it yet - only did 3 or 4 races so far and only did the tutorial races for Grid 2019.


You have piqued my interest.

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I know right. I was very “meh” about it originally. It’s a Codies game that I would support purely out of appreciation for how well they treat us with their regional price on Steam.

But then the news that they’d paid to have not just Troy Baker but Nolan North too voice their story characters… that made it immediately more interesting.

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So they are definitely going with the style of every other game being a different type. Almost like Forza Motorsport vs Forza Horizon.
Dirt Rally for the pure Rally experience. And Dirt for the Arcade vibes.


I agree with this thinking. At least it’s the impression I’m getting, I mean DiRT has always been a little lighter or casual than it’s counterpart.

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I really liked Dirt 2 with the events in Baja, Mexico. If they could get that funness factor back that would be great.

Dirt 2 was awesome. I remember getting the download code for it with my HD 5870 so that it could show off those DX 11 graphics!

Official Features Trailer:


Looking good.

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Big new update available now:

Fresh content and new features are added for everyone in our latest game update, headlined by the introduction of cross-platform matchmaking for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players, and also coming to Google Stadia later this year.

A stunning selection of official Red Bull liveries for multiple cars are on the way, along with the iconic Red Bull arch for use in Playgrounds mode. More weather options for our arena creator mode, ghost lap times, and more are also stuffed into this update! Let’s unpack it all and take a closer look…

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It’s clearly a day for big updates… one more to mention:

The Wild Spirits Content Pack and FREE Update 6.00 for DIRT 5 are now live!

Details here: