Dirt Rally 2.0 [MEWRL]

Well, technically, I guess I’m both because I’m causing you pain, but am also daft enough to put myself through the same torture. So I guess we go with “sadomasochist”? :smiling_imp:


How does one join the MEW group in Dirt 2.0, will it be found if someone searches from the game?
Asking for a friend.

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2023 MEWRL Rally Championship: The 9x9

Round 1: Rally USA | New England | USA :us:

New season, new challenges! Welcome to New England and Round 1 of the 2023 Dirt Rally Championship.

Event Period

  • Starts: 2023-03-04T22:15:00Z
  • Ends: 2023-03-25T21:59:00Z

Eligible Cars

Modern Rally R2 Class

  • Ford Fiesta R2
    The Ford Fiesta R2, manufactured by M-Sport, was originally released in 2009 with a 1.6 litre naturally aspirated engine, becoming one of the most popular cars in the class thanks to its forgiving chassis and simple maintenance. In 2015 M-Sport designed a brand new version which featured a 1.0 litre turbocharged eco-boost engine.

  • Opel Adam R2
    The Opel Adam R2 was designed and manufactured by the German outfit Holzer Gruppe. The car was designed to be as fast and as light as possible, making use of both carbon fibre and Kevlar components. The Opel Adam R2 features Reiger suspension, which gifts the car exceptional stability. The Adam R2 also has the most powerful engine in its class.

  • Peugeot 208 R2
    Peugeot Sport homologated their R2 car based on the road-going 208. Released in 2012, the 208 R2 quickly outperformed the older and less powerful R2 cars, becoming a class favourite. The 208 R2 has a more rigid chassis than that of its competitors, and excels on tarmac stages as a result.

Rally Route

Time to drive!

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Click the link and click join

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The Club is set up as Members Only, so it won’t show up in game for anyone who is not a member. We’re more than happy to have any existing MEW member who we know join or will accept requests from any new person on condition at least one MEWb vouches for them.

Anyone can request to join from the Club Main Page (DiRT Rally 2.0), and then pop in here to and ping me to say that there’s a request pending. If they’re a totally new person they’ll have to make a MEW account and post in here as well and let us know that you (or someone) else invited them.

There’s no obligation on any new driver to do any more than that. We’d obviously love it if they did become an active MEW member, but if they’re vouched for they’re good to go.

I’m not 100% certain it still works, but try going to the Club Members list on the site and inviting your friend from there. They then should get a Request to Join link. Hit that and come on over here and say howdy.

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@LazyDemoni is the only one to have taken advantage of the 3-week event cycle so far, with times posted for the first couple of stages. The rest of us are looking like we’re going to ignore the extra time to run some stages, and leave it all until the last minute again anyway… :laughing:

I’m going to commit to getting at least the first three stages done this weekend. Will you? :thinking:


I started practicing in a time trial last night.


Practice? What is this


The extra time is much appreciated! I tried some practice and tuning, got frustrated, then just went with the stock Fiesta. It’s a nice car and I like New England.


The Beaver Creek Trail claims its first victim. And it is a bit of a surprise…

Comfortably leading with 1:36 over P2 at the end of Stage 3. And then, Stage 4 happened.


This is your friendly “One Week Left” call!!