Disney may be planning to take Star Wars license from EA

Many people are unhappy with the current slate of EA published Star Wars games. Star Wars Battlefront suffered a backlash over its single player campaign and Star Wars Battlefront 2 only brought more problems and lot boxes.

Visceral games shut down last year ending the development of a Star Wars story driven game code named “RagTag”.

Lucas film is not happy with the current situation and is rumoured to be speaking with Activision and Ubisoft. So don’t start celebrating just yet. You could end up with another shooter or another open world game.

Rumour source

i think ubisoft will make better star wars games compared to activision, Activision is essentially just a smaller version of EA imo, and ubisoft is way more creative and passionate in my opinion when it comes to how they treat and support their ip’s

This is an interesting development… I’ve been wondering whether the BF2 debacle would convince Disney / Lucasfilm to pull the plug on EA.

Ok imagine this. Star Wars rights gets given to CD Project Red.


I don’t think it would work. CDP:R is known for its mature take on games, which Star Wars isn’t. It has to appeal to younger audiences as well, which I think Ubisoft might be ideal for. They can make mature or family friendly games in equal measure.

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But maybe I want a mature one. Give it to CDPR to make the single player one and to Ubisoft for the “games as a service” title.

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I don’t think it’s down to what we want, it’s what the license holder wants. It’s think it’s one of the reasons the more mature Boba Fett game (1313) was cancelled…

Yeah hence the reason I said what I want.

Honestly can’t see this happening at all. I think it would be too costly for Disney to pull out of the deal right now so far into it. Also, while people may be very vocal about their hatred for Battlefront 2, the game sold well. Not as well as they expected, but well enough to be one of the better selling games of 2017. Plus the controversy will die down, people will forget all about their convictions, as they always do, and start buying and playing the game. EA will be adding back the microtransactions and make even more money from that. There is still lots of profit to be made, and Disney is not going to walk away from that kind of payday any time soon.

@DieGrootHammer is probably correct but it is always fun to speculate a bit.

Apologies for the serious thread necro, but the stuff from a year ago has become somewhat pertinent again, and provides context I think…

In response to the claims earlier this week that EA has decided to cancel yet another Star Wars game in development…

This project, which was code-named Orca, was very early in development but would involve playing as a scoundrel or bounty hunter who could explore various open-world planets and work with different factions across the Star Wars universe. [Source]

…Gary Whitta, the ‘Rogue One’ writer, ripped into EA yesterday after hearing the news:

It has been catastrophically mismanaged. If I were Disney, I’d be fucking furious. I saw a bunch of that game, and it looked terrific. It would have been Star Wars Uncharted. [Source]

And while I think Hammer’s point from last year is still very valid…

…this latest cancellation seems to have ruffled enough feathers among the SW gaming faithful (mostly suggesting that EA are the spawn of Satan and don’t deserve the rights to the franchises’ IP) that the EA suits felt the need (pressure?) to put out an official response:

There’s been speculation overnight about one of our Star Wars projects. As a natural part of the creative process, the great work by our team in Vancouver continues and will evolve into future Star Wars content and games. We’re fully committed to making more Star Wars games, we’re very excited about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from Respawn, and we’ll share more about our new projects when the time is right.

Pretty much a non-statement there. And very little solace provided to the faithful.

Jason Schreier sums up these thoughts in his subsequent EA’s Troubled Decade of Star Wars Games article saying: “I don’t know the specifics of Disney’s deal with EA, or whether it has any out clauses, or whether there are conversations on either side about bringing it to an end. For years now, fans have expressed desire for the exclusivity deal to go away. Maybe it should have never been made in the first place.”


They should its been a disaster since EA got their claws on it. Last good star wars game was KOTOR 2 and that’s ages ago.

Topic necro because I’m not sure this news today is entirely unrelated:

Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment, the developers behind The Division, will team up with Lucasfilm Games to develop a new Star Wars project, making it the first Star Wars-related video game in a while to not be under Electronic Arts’ roof.

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