Divinity: Original Sin 2 Official Discussion Thread

So thanks to the wonderful suggestions by the community, I’ve started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2, and I know a lot of others have either played the game, are currently doing another playthrough, or want to play the game.

For me, this game has been a revelation! It is such a wonderful, joyous experience and I NEED to talk about it.

Currently, I’m still on the first island, the one with Fort Joy. In this campaign, I am playing as Ifan ben-Mezd and I’ve configured him to be a tank and a fighter. My other companions are:
The Red Price playing as a Battlemage.
Lohse playing as a Wayfarer.
Fane as a cleric.
I know that may not be the most optimized grouping, but so far I’ve been able to keep my own during battles. And yes I am playing on Explorer mode, as I already have a very limited time to play games, I am not in the mood to struggle with it as well.

Share your tips, tricks and other things you’ve found in the game. I know it’s massive and I’m sure I’ve missed a ton of stuff already.


I still want to get this game again, I enjoyed the time I had with it.

Did you start with an origin story or character?

I started with an origin character. Apparently the story is fuller when doing that.

Absolutely! I was hoping you had done so. The characters have so much… character and their stories are so well done, not to mention the banter between them.

For those (like me) considering adding it to their Steam libraries… as mentioned in the TK topic, DOS2 is currently on 60% off sale, but only until this coming Monday (21 Feb).


I usually love these games but for some reason Divinity OS (1&2) never really grabbed me. I did play about 28 hours of DOS2 before just moving on to something else. I briefly tried again yesterday but it just made me want to play Pillars of Eternity 2. I’ll see how that goes and then maybe give this game another go as well.

Maybe if some of the peeps here buy it on the sale on Steam right now, we can do a GameClub for it?

Ugh I also feel like playing this now.

I didn’t enjoy the first one at all even though I really wanted to, so I didn’t get far in before I quit. The first one annoyed me in that it’s supposed to be a roleplaying game but you have to play the game the way the game wants you to. I can’t remember the details but for instance I remember something about a key that you had to get or something and there was no lawful good way to do so. Or all kinds of annoying things like that where the game really forces you to go out of character.

Where in Torment: Tides of Numenera you can go through most of the game without engaging in combat if you want to. You really have choices in how you play the game. Wasteland 3 also gives you some nice choices. And I want those choices in roleplaying games.

I don’t know if Divinity: Original Sin 2 is better than the first one in that regard but the first one has put me off enough to not consider playing the sequel.

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Okay no, I googled it and from this Reddit post it sounds like you still don’t have any real roleplaying:

Sounds like the first one.

Yeah its probably my issue with the games as well. You follow a certain path and once finish an act you can never go back there again. Which is why I like PoE2. Complete freedom and great role-playing.

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I wonder if that’s the reason I am a bit stuck right now. I’m looking for a way to get more purge wands to defeat a bunch of Shriekers on the first island. My initial wand is now depleted, and in another quest I accedintally killed Gratiana by opening her soul jar, which I didn’t know would happen. So now I’m searching for another wand. The only other one I can think of is Braccus Rex in his tower, but also cannot get the puzzle figured out due to not having the right spells.

I am still super enjoying this game.

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Yeah sorry, I don’t want to spoil your fun. Most people love the game and I hope you come unstuck!

I’m feeling the FOMO now. But I’m knee deep in Cyberpunk 2077 currently, with a dusting of Horizon Zero Dawn on the side (I completed it on PS4, giving it another run on PC).


Don’t worry I totally get why people won’t like the game. It’s caught me at precisely the right time so I’m having an impossibly good time with it. Dare I say this game has been the best game I’ve played in a long time. And, dare I say, I enjoy this 100% more than Diablo 3. But that’s just me.

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If you are keen for a similar game to this… um but different. I highly recommend Wasteland 3. It’s on Game Pass and it’s more a Soli kind of RPG.

It’s not fantasy and it’s probably not as high budget as Divinity Original Sin 2 but I’d love to hear what you think of it.


To be honest, 2 months ago I wouldn’t even consider this type of game. Now, I’m definitely willing to try it out. Once I get a bit bored with DoS 2 I’ll definitely install it and try it out. Hopefully it’s on Game Pass for a while longer.

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InXile was bought by Microsoft so their games should stay on Game Pass indefinitely. I love their games.


Yeah inXile is awesome. Along with Obsidian they make my favourite cRPG’s. Both of them are now owned by MS and both of them are working on first-person RPG’s at the moment.

Wasteland 3 is amazing. I bought the season pass on Xbox as well. I really liked the first DLC but the second one was not for me. Still a great RPG.

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Man this game is just pure awesome!!

I got unstuck, and it was actually so simple. In the Tower or Braccus Rex I figured out the puzzle, seems like I had a blond moment but figured out the Combine With function in the game which is amazing! Didn’t find a different purging wand so decided I’ll do the main mission differently. But lo, be ause I saves Shane the dragon, he killed the remaining Shriekers opening the way for me.

By all accounts I think there is at least 4 different ways this could have gone, all dependent on how you play the game. I don’t even know if my way was the best way, but it worked. That was awesome! Now to finish the first island!