Do you ever wonder why you keep updating certain games?

There are a few games that get very frequent updates but I don’t really play them. Games like Dota 2, Path of Exile, Team Fortress.

I keep them updated but don’t play. I want to uninstall but don’t.

Do you guys have any games like that? Why do you think they don’t just get uninstalled.


Nope. I don’t wonder :smiley:
I just do


Exactly. I don’t wonder. I have 272 games installed on steam. Almost all my Origin and Uplay games are installed.
I don’t know when I’ll want to play a specific game, that’s why I keep it.

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I have some of those. Games that I think I’ll play again and then never do and I keep them installed.

Like Audioshield. Maybe even PUBG.

Because some people force me to play a game with them, then they dissapear into the blackhole that is a new game

And as soon as I uninstall they ask to play again

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All installed? Holy Crap! And you are sitting at home bored right at this moment? =D
I have 241 games in my steam Library, with like 2 installed


Yeah. Sucks to be me. I want to play something, but then I think about rather doing an online course or, I don’t know, anything productive.


Goeie Donner! The amount of games in that Library. Do not want to know what your Steam Account is worth!

I’ve got maybe that many games installed as well. As well for that fact that maybe they will get played again.

It’s a lot of games from bundles!

Definitely. One day I’m going to break my pelvis and be bed-bound for 10 weeks. How else am I going to spend my time in the hospital?? They don’t have wifi, so I need to download all my games so long.

*minor issue is that I’ll probably need a gaming laptop. minor issue.

400 games is alot?


Do I want to see what you are about to show?

im sure we had a thread about library worth and amount of steam games on that-site-that-shall-not-be-named

Maybe we can start that again. I was definitely not even in top10


Yup Yup I remember it!! Think I started it to confess and get rid of my guilt. Then you guys made me feel like a saint!

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Here it is.

Also I LOOOOOVE that i can literally just ctr-v my screenshots and it uploads. holy crap thats lazy but so useful

EDIT: Apologies to OP for derailing the thread…my bad


In some ways it is because I can - I pay for internets, I use internets.

Why I still have games sitting waiting, updating… probably habit from back when I didn’t have super fast internet and I didn’t want to be caught out not having the game ready to play when I decide on a whim to play it.

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i might want to play them again at some point. i only uninstall if i need space really

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“Hey guys, lets LAN this cool game! YEAH Awesome we all have it…”
“Ah crap… my game has a 20mb update to do, this is going to take weeks!”