Do you play the tutorial?

Game tutorials are interesting things and are often one of the most difficult parts of a game for developers to design.

I came across this interesting piece article on PC Gamer which gives a bit of insight into the development of game tutorials.

It’s quite tricky making a tutorial that is not too wordy or boring, covers the basics for those who need it but then also doesn’t waste time on concepts that are already known by most gamers. I feel that the best tutorials are the one’s integrated with the game - sometimes throughout the game subtly teaching you how to use your new abilities etc. I noticed this in playing Guacamelee 2, each time you gained a new power or were about to tackle a new puzzle there would be an area that was fairly easy to complete before you moved to the next room where you had to use the new skill you’ve learnt in a more difficult challenge.

So, do you play the tutorial?

  • Never, I figure it out as I play
  • Sometimes, depending on the game
  • Always, even the basic sections that I know

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Thinking about this, there is actually a lot less games that come out with a dedicated tutorial. The last one I played was for Surviving Mars. For games like that, it’s always better to start with the tutorial as trying to figure out the game’s mechanics can be difficult. Most third person or first person games these days don’t even feature a tutorial, rather baking in the “tutorial” into the first few missions of the game.


One of the best tutorials, always worth playing is in Far Cry: Blood Dragon

Makes me lol

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skip skip o snap how do I do this now… play Tutorial ><


I do actually play the tutorial.

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I also normally play the tutorial
For the most part - especially in FPS or Third Person shooters.

Not in MMOs these days

I didn’t play any tutorial in Warframe I guess that’s why I was lost there.

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There was never a real tutorial

always, incase there’s an interesting tidbit of info to find out about a unique game mechanic.

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How many games have dedicated tutorials though? Many newer games add the tutorials to the first part of the game and teaches as you go along.