Do you still pre-order games?

After Mass Effect Andromeda I hope I learned my lesson and I can’t see myself pre-order a game again.

But then I start thinking, what if it’s Diablo 4? I mean the launch of Diablo 3 was super bad but surely they’ve learned by now.

Or Red Dead Redemption 2? I can’t see them messing that up.


So do you still pre-order games?


Right now I think the only pre-order I would consider is something from CDPR and probably games from Blizzard (Diablo and Warcraft).

I can’t even remember what my last pre-order was. It might have been The Division, which was a fun game but it also had major flaws.

I’ve been burned enough times with pre-ordering games to definitely have a good, hard think about doing it now.


Games are so expensive for me that I can’t afford to get a dud from preordering.
I need to see reviews and gameplay vids before I can decide these days.

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i dont buy games on release anymore, no matter how badly i want it, i’ll wait for a special, look at wolfenstein the new collossus, a month after release it was discounted 40% for black friday, on console i wait for deals with gold or seasonal specials and on pc, cdkeys, humble bundle is my goto

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Not after Arkham Knight…no. I don’t pre-order anymore. any “exlusive content” they bring out for those who preorder are not worth the premium you pay for not waiting for it to be 33% off a few months later when its actually launched (games released hastily and bug-filled are not launched in my opinion).

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I only pre-order games that I know for a fact that I will get. Games like the Forza series of games I know I’ll get, so I don’t mind pre-ordering them. I’ve also pre-ordered Far Cry 5. And when Red Dead Redemption’s pre-orders start, I’ll pre-order that as well.

Most of the other games I buy are all after their release date, not because I wanted to wait for reviews, just that I have way too much to play right now and just simply don’t want to add any more games to my library.

Last game I pre-ordered was the latest SimCity. So no, I do not pre-order games anymore. Maybe one day when I have more time, I’ll consider pre-ordering games that I look forward to. But until then, I’m content with bundles and steam sales.

Yes I do. So far I am sitting on Dark Souls Remastered and Far Cry 5.

I pretty much pre-order any game I want. Mostly because I game share on the ps4 so it’s a little cheaper at launch to split a games price in half. And because I want to play it on release so I want to preload it.

I will do a few more this year. God of War, Red Dead and Super Smash Bro’s. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Not anymore. I don’t even think I was burnt by a game. I just saw other people get burnt.


After Mass Effect nope, not because I was burnt by the game - I had my expectations in check. I just cannot do it anymore - aka full price for games is currently a luxury I cannot afford. So specials is my only way of getting new games this year - and I will stick with my rule - 75% off or more only.

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Absolutely not. I just can’t justify paying close on R1000 for a game anymore.

My patience is at max level nowadays and am able to wait years for games I am interested in to be discounted.

I am currently waiting for Elex to hit the R200 mark :slight_smile:


Not for a looong time. I got burned by the launch issues with Red Orchestra 2 and haven’t risked pre-ordering since then. But more so, I can wait. I do not HAVE TO HAVE the game at the second it launches. I am quite happy to wait a few months and grab the game on discount. I admit though Kingdom Come: Deliverance tempted me but I also had an inkling that it would be a shaky launch what with it being an ambitious project for a smallish studio. I still want to get the game, but in time.

Can’t afford to anymore, but otherwise, it’d be rare…

No because I don’t trust “gameplay” videos and other crud. I want to see what the damn thing looks like on release played by real people.

Also don’t preorder any games anymore normally there is enough videos on youtube on release day for me te make up my mind.

The amount of games that gets released these day’s is insane so need to spend my money wisely.

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Nope! Don’t pre-order at all.

But I’ll probably make an exception for Cyberpunk 2077.


I went to look that up now quick. Yeah, it does look good.

CDPR new IP. Jeez, I can’t wait for this.


Got my hopes up :smiley:

Yes. I mostly stick to the crpg genre so there aren’t that many per year to start off so if the odd isn’t awesome its not a train smash. Besides I like being right in the centre of the hype of the new game.