Doom Movie In Production, Apparently




Universal has started work on a new movie adaptation of Doom, according to actress Nina Bergman. Screenrant reports that she teased that she gets to work with a “super cool director” and film in Bulgaria, but otherwise the details are scant. This follows recent rumors that a new Doom movie was on the way from the picture studio.

Doom had previously been adapted in 2005, with Dwayne Johnson playing in the lead role. It used the source material loosely, focusing on a Martian science facility that created monsters, rather than unleashing actual demons. The most game-accurate moment may have been too on-the-nose, as it went into a first-person action sequence as homage. It was widely panned and underperformed at the box office, failing to make back its production budget.

Since then, the game series was rebooted in 2016. It had a more complex story, but still placed the central focus on fighting demons on the surface of Mars. Universal may be looking to adapt that successful update of the franchise, after the last attempt didn’t go so well. Even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently criticized the original’s shortcomings, prompting a response from the official Doom account. That was in the spirit of celebrating the (relatively) high reviews for Rampage, another video game adaptation.

Bergman, for her part, apparently agrees with Johnson about that first Doom movie. She assured a fan that this one has a “much better script.”